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Presented by The London Institute of Banking and Finance and UK Finance
  • Best Financial Inclusion or Outreach Initiative - Highly Commended

    FINLIT Nepal - Community Based Financial Education cum Community Bank

    FINLIT Nepal - Community Based Financial Education cum Community Bank
    In Nepal, many people are lacking financial knowledge and literacy, and consequently are unable to access financial services. FINLIT Nepal is a market leader that addresses the financial inclusion of people and is the first to bring stakeholders nationally together around the issue of financial inclusion. This initiative aims to reshape the future of finance through expanding secure, structured and low-cost access to formal banking channels, particularly for the young, the marginalised and rural populations.


  • Best Financial Inclusion or Outreach Initiative

    Lloyds Banking Group - Lloyds Bank partnership with Signly

    Lloyds Banking Group - Lloyds Bank partnership with Signly
    In a sector first, LBG has introduced the innovative and unique Signly technology, providing the opportunity to improve financial capability and ensure that their customers receive and understand the information they need. Using the Signly app, deaf or hearing-impaired customers can scan Signly-enabled written materials on their mobile device. This provides translations into BSL through augmented reality, with someone signing the content on a customer’s smartphone.

  • Innovation in Sustainability or Social Responsibility - Highly Commended

    Barclays Bank - Barclays Eagle Labs

    Barclays Bank – Barclays Eagle Labs
    Barclays Eagle Labs are a community resource – a space offering digital empowerment for everyone. They encourage sustainable businesses and build partnerships with charities, non-profit organisations and educational initiatives, such as e-NABLE and UnLimbited  who benefit from the rapid proto-typing equipment available at the Eagle Lab to 3D-print prosthetic arms; the Jubilee Sailing Trust, and Fire Tech Camp, the UK’s leading provider of tech education for people aged 9-17.

  • Innovation in Sustainability or Social Responsibility

    Investec - Innovation to Arrival Education partnership, in the form of Invest for Success programme, 2016-17

    Investec - Innovation to Arrival Education partnership, in the form of Invest for Success programme, 2016-17
    Investec’s social responsibility initiatives focus on education and entrepreneurship, empowering people to transform their lives and communities. They work in dedicated partnerships with local community organisations. Based on identified need, the bespoke ‘Invest for Success’ programme is a unique initiative in the UK, targeting excluded community groups and providing a special opportunity for volunteers from the Wealth and Investment business to use their work-related skills to significantly impact students over a six-month period.

  • Best Technology Initiative - partnered by Confirmation.com

    ezbob - ezbob digital end-to-end lending platform

    ezbob – ezbob digital end-to-end lending platform
    The ezob digital end-to-end lending platform is a radical, ground-breaking, multiple financial product, straight through processing (STP) system that enables banks to offer a state-of-the-art, seamless lending solution to their SME and retail customers. It is a white-label, fully-integrated solution using real-time data, that handles all aspects of the lending process (including using electronic signatures) to make flexible loan offers on an enhanced digital platform, quickly and efficiently.

  • Technology Vendors - Best Insurance, Investments and Pensions Solution - partnered by Confirmation.com

    Dorsum Co. - Wealth Management Platform

    Dorsum Co. Ltd. – Wealth Management Platform
    This platform is an innovative front-to-mid solution that provides all essential functionality for investment service providers to evaluate, analyse and calculate portfolio yields as well as covering the range of advisory and brokerage services and offering the highest standards of user experience. It is designed for wealth managers who are seeking a solution that links to existing legacy systems to provide an efficient advisory network with strong customer engagement and regulatory compliance. 

  • Technology Vendors - Best Financial Services Solution - partnered by Confirmation.com

    Maximise IT Solutions - DARA SmartFlow – Intelligent Automation that transforms complex processes into simple tasks

    Maximise IT Solutions – DARA SmartFlow – Intelligent Automation that transforms complex processes into simple tasks
    This project involves harnessing the power of intelligent automation to work on complex complaints, and is believed to be unique in the world of Robotic Process Automation.
    Working with a UK Retail Bank, they introduced their automated, intelligent SmartFlow system to help meet regulatory service levels demanded for complex complaints, uniting the dispersed data from 26 different systems, reducing handling time, improving accuracy and quality and saving millions of pounds.

  • Best FinTech Partnership - partnered by Confirmation.com

    GFT and Deutsche Bank - dbPalace

    GFT and Deutsche Bank – dbPalace
    When Deutsche Bank (DB) announced it was to invite tenders for a major platform overhaul, GFT challenged DB’s senior leaders to adopt a new approach. Together, they unveiled an ambitious strategy, designed to become simpler & more efficient, modernising outdated technology & reducing risk, by introducing a single strategic global platform, using a dynamic and agile IT function in order to react quickly to client and market demands.
  • Best Payment Initiative

    Pure Software Pte - Arttha Digital Payments Platform

    Pure Software Pte – Arttha Digital Payments Platform
    Arttha is a pioneering cloud-based financial inclusion technology platform enabling 180 of Nepal’s cooperative banks to offer innovative digital services to customers, including ATM-based money transfers, bill payments, merchant payments, P2P transfers, cardless ATM withdrawals and a mobile internet/SMS toggle capability for when reception is poor. Available in the local language, the project has had a far-reaching, positive impact on the lives of people and their businesses, as well as the banks involved.

  • Best Mobile Banking

    Barclays Bank - Business Instant Lending on Mobile

    Barclays Bank - Business Instant Lending on Mobile
    In November 2016, Barclays became the first UK Bank to be able to lend to businesses with an end-to-end customer journey on a mobile phone. The App2Web delivery has leveraged a previous ‘first’ for Barclays in providing the capability to lend to businesses via the online channel. This unique and complex solution is wrapped in a native Barclays Mobile Banking shell, offering a slick seamless UI experience for the customer.

  • Innovation in Product Design

    First National Bank South Africa - FNB Branded Smartphones: Enabling Digital Banking

    First National Bank South Africa - FNB Branded Smartphones: Enabling Digital Banking
    Wanting to extend the reach of digital migration, FNB developed an innovative product to reach those previously unable to afford smartphones on which to conduct digital banking transactions. By integrating it into a rewards programme, incentivising saving towards a deposit and packaging up the Android handset in a cost-effective way (already loaded with the FNB Banking App), FNB aim to satisfy customer needs and promote brand recognition.

  • Innovation in Service Design - Highly Commended

    Banco Itaú Unibanco SA - Itaú as a digital inclusion enabler

    Banco Itaú Unibanco SA – Itaú as a digital inclusion enabler
    Significant investment in digital channels means that c.75% of customers bank this way with Itaú. Recognising that they could be first movers into the low income segment and gain advantage, market share and contribute to digital inclusion, they invested in a range of initiatives aimed to expand financial literacy and inclusion for unbanked and low income Brazilians. This includes Itaú Light, the first App targeted specifically at the low income customer.

  • Innovation in Service Design

    Confused.com - Car Finance Comparison

    Confused.com – Car Finance Comparison
    Confused.com car finance is the only UK online non-advisory car finance comparison service on the market. It enables drivers to compare personal loans and hire purchase options side-by-side – making it easy to identify the best deals available across multiple finance options, including monthly payment costs, APR plus the total loan repayment at quotation stage, so that they can make a fully informed decision without having to undergo a hard credit check.

  • Innovation in the Delivery of Financial Products

    Sberbank of Russia - Sberbank Markets - electronic trading platform for corporate customers and financial institutions

    Sberbank of Russia–Sberbank Markets - electronic trading platform for corporate customers and financial institutions
    Sberbank Markets is an electronic trading platform which gives Sberbank clients quick access to FX products while electronically managing risks and liquidity. Its implementation followed their first ever commercial contract with a UK-based company to supply hosting infrastructure for eFX architecture, and platform delivers aggregated, liquidity-adjusted pricing over connected channels. Fully integrated with central risk-management, and legally compliant, it offers customers a flexible, secure and automated way to manage FX requirements.

  • Innovation in Supporting Business and Enterprise - Products and Services

    Evotor - Evotor

    Evotor   - Evotor
    The Evotor Smart Terminal is a compliant solution to changes in Russian Federal Law, requiring entrepreneurs to install online cash registers that automatically transmit data from register receipts directly to the Federal Tax Service. The user can connect peripherals to the terminal - card terminals, barcode scanners, scales etc. All these functions are rolled into one affordable, compact device, with the opportunity to download additional apps that assist with business administration.
  • Innovation in Supporting Business and Enterprise - Supporting/Assisting Growth and Development - Highly Commended

    Barclays Bank - Barclays Eagle Labs

    Barclays Bank - Barclays Eagle Labs
    Eagle Labs are Barclays-branded and run spaces designed to encourage ‘shared growth’ – in the belief that when the communities in which they operate thrive, so does Barclays. Standing on three core pillars: accelerating UK business, enabling collaborative innovation and digital empowerment for everyone, Eagle Labs support local businesses. They harness Barclays’ history and expertise, and combine this with a creative working environment and access to the latest technologies.

  • Innovation in Supporting Business and Enterprise - Supporting/Assisting Growth and Development

    Barclays - Rise

    Barclays – Rise
    At Rise, Barclays co-creates new products, services and platforms with their startup partners. They partner with leading corporates, investors and industry experts across seven sites internationally. The aim is to build a community for the best minds in FinTech, to help accelerate growth, bring startups to market and help to create the future of financial services. The highly sought-after Barclays Accelerator, an intensive programme designed to accelerate start-ups, is now in its 4th year.
  • Best Financial Start-up - Highly Commended

    Trussle - One year to a billion

    Trussle - One year to a billion
    Online mortgage broker, Trussle is using technology to automate mortgage expertise by streamlining difficult and time-consuming processes. Improving many of the pain-points faced by consumers as they navigate a traditionally complex mortgage journey, they have reduced the time taken, lengthy paperwork and meetings and jargon that frustrate consumers, and improved the customer journey by using simple processes and an algorithm that searches thousands of mortgage deals to find the most suitable option.

  • Best Financial Start-up

    Habito - Launching the UK's Digital Mortgage Broker

    Habito - Launching the UK's Digital Mortgage Broker
    With the goal of making mortgages simpler, faster and better, start-up Habito uses technology designed to deliver solutions that put consumer needs first. They are a 21st century digital mortgage broker, operating on a custom-built sourcing platform, using an algorithm that has no decision-making bias. High quality, fully-digitised mortgage decisions are made at speed and free of charge to the consumer, helping them make informed decisions and obtain the best deal on their mortgage.

  • Innovation in Marketing and Communications - Highly Commended

    Lloyds Banking Group - Black Horse Personalised Videos

    Lloyds Banking Group - Black Horse Personalised Videos
    Black Horse offer finance agreements for vehicles through 7,000 dealers, but their name was not well known. To radically improve customer experience and capitalise on the positivity around getting a new car, Black Horse created their first, highly-personalised video delivered to each customer within hours of the sale. It was innovative in both execution and use of data, taking personalisation to a new level, and making each user experience unique while building brand awareness.

  • Innovation in Marketing and Communications

    NatWest - Women in Business Campaign and Podcasts

    NatWest - Women in Business Campaign and Podcasts
    NatWest is committed to helping more women start up and succeed in business. For the first time, the NatWest Entrepreneurship monitor was published with a gender lens identifying different drivers and behaviours between men and women in business and a plan was developed to reach out to women in a different way, including publicity, local events and a series of podcasts designed to engage and inform a new audience of busy women.

  • Innovation in Data and its Application - Highly Commended

    Sberbank  - Tips in Sberbank Online

    Sberbank – Tips in Sberbank Online
    ‘Tips’ from Sberbank analyses the user’s data (financial behaviour, including spending, savings and profile data) and draws conclusions, using a set of machine learning models, including experiments with neural networks. It combines the characteristics of a PFM service with digital assistance services, by offering personalised recommendations to customers based on algorithms which identify life scenarios as well as learning from customer feedback that allows it to target recommendations more precisely.


  • Innovation in Data and its Application

    Ziraatbank - Using Geographical Information System for Selecting Branch Locations

    Ziraatbank – Using Geographical Information System for Selecting Branch Locations
    Knowing that the selection of a branch location is critical for business success, Ziraatbank developed the first model in Turkey that optimises the branch location using both geospatial data and the bank's big data. Overcoming the challenge of turning unstructured data into meaningful data, they also use statistical models and a GIS decision-support system, which facilitates comparison of potential sites, reducing decision times and making the process more objective.

  • Excellence in Customer Experience

    Lloyds Islands Community Bank - Lloyds Islands Community Bank – Removal of Sales Targets

    Lloyds Islands Community Bank – Removal of Sales Targets
    Going against conventional sector wisdom that in order to be profitable and commercially viable you must prioritise the selling of products and thus incentivise your staff accordingly, LICB made the radical, innovative decision to remove sales targets and fundamentally alter business strategy to put the customer at the heart of what they are doing. Individual and team success is now measured on customer treatment and advocacy – focusing on delivering excellent customer service.

  • Best Customer-Focused Cultural Transformation or Staff Participation Initiative - Highly Commended

    Albaraka Türk - Keşfet Intrapreneurship Program

    Albaraka Türk - Keşfet Intrapreneurship Program
    The Keşfet Intrapreneurship Program adopts the approach of developing and realising creative and innovative ideas by employees in the company using an ‘intrapreneurial’ perspective and combines the concept of innovation with execution and implementation. Offering training, support and mentorship, the aim of the programme is to spread an innovation culture and the spirit of ‘intrapreneurship’ within the organisation, enabling staff to propose ideas, work like entrepreneurs, and collaborate across departmental lines to deliver successful projects.


  • Best Customer-Focused Cultural Transformation or Staff Participation Initiative

    HSBC - HSBC’s digital revolution

    HSBC - HSBC's Digital Revolution
    In order to transform the digital customer experience, HSBC initiated a programme to transform their culture into one that enables innovation to flourish and empowers colleagues to run with ideas that drive the digital shift. One aspect of the plan has brought together 3,000 talented colleagues from across functions to create HSBC Digital Solutions, based at a new FinTech hub, encouraging creativity and facilitating speedy and effective digital development. 

  • Service Team of the Year - Highly Commended

    Moody’s Analytics - D.R.I.V.E.-ing Innovation and Initiative

    Moody’s Analytics – D.R.I.V.E.-ing Innovation and Initiative
    In 2015, Moody's Analytics Customer Service successfully launched project D.R.I.V.E, a global initiative defining the department’s mission statement and strategic direction, to deliver innovative, customer-focused solutions through a talented and empowered workforce. The Customer Service department embraces the company’s culture, which is based on coaching and the freedom of feedback as a way to improve individuals through continuous marginal gain, which optimises and drives efficiencies, while offering progression opportunities.

  • Service Team of the Year

    Lloyds Banking Group - Delivering Brilliant Digital Service

    Lloyds Banking Group – Delivering Brilliant Digital Service
    The Digital Service team is shaping the future of LBG’s digital experience. Their three-year strategy to deliver world-class digital customer satisfaction created business units which use a sprint methodology to improve collaboration, energy and speed, whilst allowing headspace for innovation. They deliver outstanding service journeys and high impact projects, regularly and responsively. The new way of working has moved from creating a strong digital basics foundation to new propositions which deepen customer engagement.
  • Best financial start-up

    ClearScore - One year to number one
     ClearScore - One year to number one

    In summer 2015, ClearScore launched the UK’s first ever service giving people completely free access to their credit report and credit score as often as they like. The user friendly, multichannel offering is funded through commission gained from the take up of no-obligation, targeted customer offers. It also offers innovative services to help people manage their money, including Timeline, a unique tool showing people how and why their credit score has changed over time, and giving them a big picture view over their finances.
  • Most innovative use of data

    Lloyds Bank International - Customer Dashboards (Service Excellence)
     Lloyds Bank International - Customer Dashboards (Service Excellence)

    This project achieved a tangible cultural shift by transforming the focus of Management Information from a traditional control approach to a wholly customer-centric one. Extensive data analysis and all-staff consultation led to data insights that were built into Customer Dashboards, focusing on re-engineering the key processes around customer needs rather than organisational design, whilst also reducing failure demand and waste. Lloyds Bank International’s customer service, providing specialist international banking services to UK expatriates, has become more streamlined and efficient, and Dashboards are now incorporated into business as usual.
  • Best risk project or governance initiative

    Vision Independent Financial Planning - Historical file review initiative
     Vision Independent Financial Planning - Historical file review initiative

    The focus on improved professional standards and the increased accountability of regulated firms led Vision to voluntarily issue a ground-breaking invitation to Grant Thornton to confirm the quality of Vision’s back book and determine that the advice legacy was strong. Closely scrutinising every high-risk sale ever made, and checking all other advice areas, to ascertain that they were in the client’s best interest, the review established that customers had historically been treated fairly and that structures were in place to maintain these high standards.
  • Innovation in community outreach or social responsibility

    Barclays - Barclays Apprenticeships
     Barclays - Barclays Apprenticeships

    Barclays began an apprenticeship programme in 2012 to address a shortage of young talent in its business. The initial success improved retention rates so significantly that the bank challenged itself to reach more people – offering life-changing opportunities to those who had never been given a chance. With a commitment to NEETs and inclusivity surrounding age, disability, ethnicity, gender, as well as educational level and experience, Barclays has reaped the benefits, by helping apprentices to build careers right across the bank.
  • Innovation or enhancement in product or proposition design – deposits, savings and loans

    Aktif Bank - N Kolay Credit
     Aktif Bank - N Kolay Credit

    Aktif Bank is a Turkish retail bank that has innovated from the start by operating largely in the online space, with very few physical branches. In order to offer loan products regardless of geographical location or access to a bank, they created N Kolay Credit, which offers a simple, easy to use interface via computer, tablet or mobile and a response within minutes to offer loans and emergency credit products to accepted customers who are credit checked using their National ID number.
  • Innovation or enhancement in product or proposition design – investments, pensions and protection

    RateSetter - Introducing a new asset class into SIPPs
     RateSetter - Introducing a new asset class into SIPPs

    RateSetter became the first major peer-to-peer lending platform to overcome regulatory and practical challenges and launch a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) product in July 2015. Significant technological development was necessary in order to make this facility achievable. The platform offers a ground-breaking proposition that allows retail, institutional and corporate lenders to invest in a new asset class within their SIPP wrapper - that of consumer, business and property loans at interest rates set in an open market.
  • Innovation in supporting business

    Credorax - Customer Customisation: Deconstructing One Size-Fits-All Acquiring & Payments
     Credorax - Customer Customisation: Deconstructing One-Size-Fits-All Acquiring & Payments

    Refusing to take on board the notion that ‘one size fits all’, Credorax has focused on merchant acquiring, offering a tailored solution to individual ecommerce requirements through their acquiring and payment solutions platform, ePower. This commitment to finding the best solution for their business customers has led to dynamic and successful partnerships across the globe, and significant business growth in the past two years, much of which is based on the ability to offer a streamlined cross-border transaction solution.
  • Innovation in nurturing start-ups

    NatWest - StartUp Britain Summer Tour
     NatWest - StartUp Britain Summer Tour

    NatWest wanted to reach a wider audience of potential entrepreneurs who may be reluctant to visit a bank branch. To overcome this, they formed a partnership with the Centre for Entrepreneurs to launch a regional tour of high profile, city centre locations with a customised 1966 Routemaster bus which takes the bank to the people. It is a unique project that brings key local business support organisations together in town-centre locations where they can provide joined-up, bespoke guidance and support on a range of business topics.
  • Innovation in nurturing start-ups - Highly Commended

    FIA winners 2016
     Itaú Unibanco - Cubo Co-working Itaú - Highly Commended

    To foster an environment favourable for the development of innovative solutions, Cubo offers a complete and high quality infrastructure, including a co-working space for startups, a platform for multiple events for entrepreneurs and other interested parties, and a global connection network to stimulate this market across Latin America. This successful initiative not only helps grow those entrepreneurs that have a fledgling startup, but also inspires and supports those that have a vision but lack the necessary infrastructure, technical base and networking opportunities.
  • Most effective back office initiative

    HSBC - Commercial Banking - Digital Identification & Verification of Address (ID&VA) Tool
     HSBC - Digital Identification & Verification of Address (ID&VA) Tool

    With time at a premium for small businesses, HSBC has introduced an innovative online tool for identifying and verifying customer documents via a webcam device which captures images of the ID&VA documents and a ‘selfie’ image of the customer, before comparing them, and verifying the legitimacy of the documentation itself. This is an industry ‘first’ and has been welcomed by customers as it reduces the verification time to a few minutes, saving the customer and the bank both time and money.
  • Innovation in marketing and communications

    more 2 life - The Big Picture Campaign
     more 2 life - The Big Picture Campaign

    more 2 life has pioneered what’s known as enhanced equity release and has created The Big Picture Campaign to educate advisors about asking health and lifestyle questions that could positively impact the loan amounts available to clients. The campaign was the centrepiece of a sustained period of sales and marketing focus and is an innovative, integrated campaign in terms of the breadth of media used and the mechanism created to deliver the key campaign message. It has positioned more 2 life as a thought-leader in its market.
  • Most innovative application of technology – back office technology

    Albaraka Turk - Albaraka Turk Maptriks Field Application
     Albaraka Türk - Albaraka Türk Maptriks Field Application

    In 2015, Albaraka Türk realised a first for the Turkish banking sector when it introduced the Maptriks Field Application in order to reach its commercial customers more effectively, removing manual processes and reliance on in-branch computers and allowing field personnel to conduct visits to customers and follow up their activities via smartphone. With automated geographic and workload allocation, the multifunctional diary has streamlined activity, improved efficiency and productivity, increased motivation and the number of successful visits made by the team.
  • Most innovative application of technology – front office technology

    Telenor - Easypaisa
     Telenor - Easypaisa

    Recognising that financial inclusion is a major challenge that needs to be overcome in developing countries, Telenor formed an innovative partnership with Tameer Micro Finance Bank to launch the first branchless banking solution in Pakistan. Leveraging Telenor’s mobile platform and network, it offers the unbanked a full portfolio of financial services including secure payments and transfers, mobile banking, savings and more. Located in shops in over 800 towns and cities, Easypaisa now has the largest financial footprint in the country and moved nearly 3% of GDP in 2015.
  • Most innovative financial services solution – technology vendors

    iPipeline - SolutionBuilder
     iPipeline - SolutionBuilder

    Focusing on the challenge of closing the protection advice gap, and better protecting clients, iPipeline has developed SolutionBuilder, a quotation algorithm based on a data analytics solution that enables advisors to offer full advice in a faster, compliant way. An intuitive matrix tool helps advisor and customer engage with the range of solutions in real time and choose the best option for their budget. The solution has streamlined the sales process and increased advisor productivity while improving customer outcomes.
  • Best technology partnership

    BCSG - AIB MyBusinessToolkit
     BCSG - AIB MyBusinessToolkit

    AIB is committed to helping customers manage their businesses more efficiently with new product innovation. Launched in November 2015, and collaboratively designed by BCSG and AIB, MyBusinessToolkit is a simple way for businesses to plan, manage and grow their business through a set of specifically selected business tools. Unique in the Irish finance market, businesses can access a host of market-leading apps to address the challenges they face on a daily basis via a single portal.
  • Most effective staff participation initiative

    The Royal Bank of Scotland - Entrepreneurial Development Academy
     The Royal Bank of Scotland - Entrepreneurial Development Academy

    RBS has been powering Entrepreneurial Spark® for several years and has used it as an inspiration to create a unique Entrepreneurial Development Academy, a ‘People Accelerator’ which breaks down internal silos and builds colleague engagement and capabilities, by adopting the ‘can do’ attitudes, tools and techniques that successful entrepreneurs exhibit. EDA equips colleagues who volunteer for the Core and Advanced programmes, by nurturing their creativity and immersing them in the entrepreneurial community, with the dual aim of supporting customers and their own personal development plans
  • Most effective staff participation initiative - Highly Commended

    HSBC - HSBC Cultural Transformation
     HSBC - HSBC Cultural Transformation through The London Institute of Banking & Finance partnership - Highly Commended

    HSBC staff working in operations and on the front line were known to be skilled at their jobs, but they did not have a professional qualification that reflected this competence. Wanting to invest in their people, HSBC worked with The London Institute of Banking & Finance to develop an industry-recognised qualification that formalises and accredits their staff, allowing them to demonstrate their competency when seeking promotion or a new role. High levels of staff participation and satisfaction have been reflected both in career progress and in customer satisfaction.
  • Most effective cultural transformation initiative

    Lloyds Banking Group - Lloyds Banking Group Line Manager Academy
     Lloyds Banking Group - Lloyds Banking Group Line Manager Academy

    The Line Manager Academy was launched in 2015, and was designed to establish a fresh culture of good communication, coaching, and motivational leadership across the group. The scope of the solution had to encompass and engage all managers, across varying levels of competence and experience. Supported from the very top, the solution followed three stages – engage, participate, activate – and has inspired managers with a cohesive, colleague-driven programme of personalised learning, exceeding expectations, improving motivation and proving robust enough to carry the weight of cultural change.
  • Most innovative support for customers in vulnerable circumstances

    Lloyds Bank International - With you at your time of need
     Lloyds Bank International - With you at your time of need

    The Probates team looked at the traditional approach to the sole and joint bereavement process and introduced a series of initiatives that are ‘process innovative’ and designed to make things easy at a difficult time for the bereaved. The process is measured purely from the customer perspective, and changes are only made if they will benefit those customers. The focus is on getting things right first time, in the shortest amount of time, and workflows have changed to reduce hand-offs and increase telephone contact.
  • Best payments initiative

    Türk Ekonomi Bankasi (TEB) - CEPTETEB Wallet
     Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) - CEPTETEB Wallet

    CEPTETEB is an innovative digital, branchless banking channel designed to appeal to the ultra-connected, young urban population in Turkey. Enabling key transactions to be conducted quickly and easily via all digital channels, the product has developed an innovative mobile wallet with payments features including P2P, cardless ATM withdrawals using a QR code and was the first bank to launch HCE in Turkey, integrating the technology into the App so that registered customers can pay for items using their phones.
  • Best payments initiative - Highly Commended

    Sberbank - Pay Through Sberbank Online
     Sberbank - Pay Through Sberbank Online - Highly Commended

    One of Russia’s largest banks, Sberbank developed a service that allows payment for goods and services from anywhere in the world through digital channels and SMS banking. The bank uses a customer’s phone number to identify a payer, and the customer can accept and immediately make payment via SMS. Initially for digital products, the service was extended to physical e-commerce products, which are often only paid for on delivery, and allows upfront payment via a Pay Through Sberbank button at approved online retailers.
  • Excellence in customer experience – planning and advice

    My Pension Expert - Retirement Advice Delivered to the Masses
     My Pension Expert - Retirement Advice Delivered to the Masses

    My Pension Expert is a Doncaster-based Independent Financial Adviser that uses innovative technology and operational design to support a UK-wide telephony service, 100% delivered by people to provide education, support and ultimately financial advice for customers who are at retirement and need help with the complex choices available through the new pensions freedoms. The key pillars of success are their excellent customer service, and their innovative ‘Pods’, CRM and quote bid systems, customisable workflows and unique change and build technology.
  • Excellence in customer experience – banking and savings

    NatWest - Entrepreneurial Spark powered by NatWest
     NatWest - Entrepreneurial Spark® powered by NatWest

    Entrepreneurial Spark® is the world’s largest free Business Accelerator for early stage and growing ventures. NatWest’s partnership with Entrepreneurial Spark creates jobs, helps people fulfil their dreams, develops and motivates its own staff, and helps the bank to serve its customers well. Hosting ‘hatchery’ hubs helps staff to gain greater insight into entrepreneurial needs, and to be creative in solving customer problems and promote economic growth by supporting high growth, scalable businesses that will provide jobs and revenues for the UK economy.
  • Excellence in customer experience – banking and savings - Highly Commended

    Birmingham Midshires - Creating better outcomes for savings customers
     Birmingham Midshires - Creating better outcomes for savings customers - Highly Commended

    All banks need to send mandatory service communications to their customers and most are long and complicated and considered functional. Birmingham Midshires embarked on a pioneering strategy that applied behavioural science to simplify service communications - initially for savings customers whose introductory bonus rates were coming to an end. By identifying the behaviours preventing engagement, Birmingham Midshires was able to redesign letters and forms to improve the customer experience and to empower customers to make better financial decisions.
  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products - planning and advice

    Banco BPI - GoBanking
     Banco BPI - GoBanking

    GoBanking is an innovative mobile workstation which allows a totally new kind of interaction between Financial Advisor and the bank’s Affluent and Private Banking clients and has revolutionised the way they do business. Offering a more personal touch, access to all areas of banking, including a ‘contact the expert’ button to reach immediate specialist advice during meetings, GoBanking gives the Advisor the ability to make things happen securely and efficiently using the digital features, streamlining processes and eliminating the need for multiple meetings.
  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products - banking services

    Barclays - Barclays Launchpad
     Barclays - Barclays Launchpad

    Launchpad is a UK Financial Services industry first, a mobile platform which enables selected customers to help Barclays co-create the future of banking. It will also give start-ups and partners the ability to integrate their solutions at low cost, and deliver them to selected Barclays’ customers. As an experimentation platform, Launchpad collects regular feedback from this customer panel, asking for their opinion on a range of innovative new features & whether they believe they should be incorporated in digital strategy going forward.
  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products - banking services - Highly Commended

    TransferMate Global Payments - International Payments
     TransferMate Global Payments - International Payments

    With a fast-growing client base, TransferMate offer one of the the world’s largest currency settlement networks, providing companies with a ‘plug and play’ technology platform to conduct cross-border transfers both payable and receivable. By delivering speed, savings and the removal of burdensome administration using an innovative proprietary technology platform, TransferMate has built its own global infrastructure and software which can also be incorporated into that of the world’s top accounting providers, integrating directly with a company’s accounting and treasury systems.
  • Innovation in sustainability and social responsibility

    01. Barclays Bank - Digital Driving Licence
    Barclays Bank - Digital Driving Licence

    The Barclays Digital Driving Licence (DDL) is a free, one-stop resource for people to learn more, so they can do more with digital. The interactive learning tool, accessible online or as an app, is available for everyone (internally and externally) who wants to further their digital skills and become more digitally confident. The DDL opens people up to engage with new channels, new services, and keep up to speed with the digital world, thus enabling greater digital participation and inclusion.
  • Best financial start-up

    02. Gentoo Genie - Genie
    Gentoo Genie - Genie

    The Genie product is a highly innovative way of helping people buy their own home without a deposit or mortgage. A UK first that brings a fresh option to homebuyers, it has the potential to help address the challenges faced by many buyers in the housing market as well as bringing security not offered through renting. Customers choose a home at a set level of monthly payment and build up shares in their property over a 30- year term until they own it outright.
  • Best financial start-up

    MarketInvoice - Invoice Finance Product - Highly Commended

    From a standing start in 2011, MarketInvoice has grown exponentially to become a leading player in the invoice finance sector. With an easy to use business model, MarketInvoice has taken on the big banks by offering speedy responses, simplified fee structures and no tie-ins flexible service has led to business success and customer satisfaction as they close in on the headline milestone of £500 million of invoices traded.
  • Most innovative use of data

    03. LV= - Call Activity Analysis
    LV= - Call Activity Analysis

    LV= have made significant improvements across their business by collecting and analysing call data to help remove blockages to good service and improving the online journey ensuring customers do not have to switch to the phone. Customer satisfaction and staff morale have increased and LV= has improved efficiency, making considerable cost savings directly attributable to this initiative. Management have used the analysis when building their new target operating models, helping to shape a future that learns from the past and future proofs the business.
  • Best risk project or governance initiative

    04. YBS Group - IT Service Delivery (ITSD) Assurance and Control Framework Transformation
    YBS Group - IT Service Delivery (ITSD) Assurance and Control Framework Transformation

    This innovative and collaborative initiative was built by in-house IT professionals, based on consultation about what measures determine risk. A Risk & Control framework was built around three main goals: people, assurance and strategies. This has fully engaged colleagues and external practitioners have called it unique, while success has been measured through the best ever results from an annual external audit.

  • Best risk project or governance initiative

    04. Lloyds Bank International - Complaint Handling
    Lloyds Bank International - Complaint Handling - Highly Commended

    Lloyds Bank International has successfully introduced a comprehensive and robust complaints handling system which builds on a three-part strategy. Complaints are handled at the first point of contact wherever possible, colleagues’ expertise is shared through the ‘Phone a Friend’ system and learning is effectively disseminated via the Root Cause Analysis Team. These initiatives have led to significant improvements in NPS scores as well as reducing the number of reportable complaints.
  • Innovation in cash management or treasury services

    05. Idea Bank SA - Idea Bank's Mobile CDM Fleet
    Idea Bank SA - Idea Bank's Mobile CDM Fleet

    Idea Bank is a Polish midsize bank, committed to a sustainable organic development strategy of delivering innovative, SME-targeted tools for business management. Recognising that SME owners faced time and security challenges in managing and banking cash, Idea Bank decided to launch a fleet of CDM-laden electric cars. Clients can book a visit from a CDM vehicle via a dedicated mobile app, fee and commission free, usually within 30 minutes of request or make an advance booking for added convenience.

  • Innovation or enhancement in product or proposition design – deposits, savings and loans

    06. Halifax - Halifax Car Plan Extra
    Halifax - Halifax Car Plan Extra

    Customers’ increasing willingness to accept non-advised financial decisions led Halifax to create a market-first online lending product for when their current account holders wished to purchase a car – they are the first bank to offer vehicle finance online. The direct channel removes third-party commission costs, enabling Halifax to set more competitive interest rates. Their knowledge of the customer leads to an affordable offering and a simple digital end-to-end experience that is transparent in terms of costs.
  • Innovation or enhancement in product or proposition design – deposits, savings and loans


    Hana Bank - Save Mortgage Loan - Highly Commended

    Save Mortgage Loan is Korea’s first fully processed online mortgage product, offering an innovative fixed-rate mortgage loan with the Korea Housing Finance Corporation (KHFC), an organisation similar to the ‘Fannie Mae’ in the U.S. This product has significantly improved customer convenience as the whole procedure from loan application through to closing can be handled without visiting the bank’s branch. Potential mortgage clients save time and money through the accessibility and efficiency which provides a lower cost base.
  • Innovation or enhancement in product or proposition design – investments, pensions and protection

    07. Lloyds Bank Private Banking - Making Financial Planning Simple and Accessible

    Lloyds Bank Private Banking - Making Financial Planning Simple and Accessible

    With many clients finding it difficult to visualise their future financial requirements, Lloyds Bank Private Banking have introduced a new market-leading videoconferencing solution, strengthening the connection between adviser and client, offering flexible access and a visually–engaging, real-time experience. It allows clients to take control of their financial planning by creating different ‘what-if’ scenarios and to benefit from live-feed advice.

  • Innovation in supporting business or enterprise - business support

    08. RBS Group - Entreprenurial Spark powered by NatWest
    RBS Group - Entrepreneurial Spark powered by NatWest

    RBS’ exciting partnership with Entrepreneurial Spark aims to build a vibrant entrepreneurial community. Small business start-ups are increasing rapidly and Entrepreneurial Spark is the world’s largest free business accelerator for early stage and growing ventures. With a collaborative office environment, access to business enablement and a support pool of more than 50 specialised mentors in a programme lasting up to 18 months, the focus is on developing entrepreneurial mindsets to enable growth and increasing the likelihood of long-term success.
  • Innovation in supporting business or enterprise - business support

    Idea Bank SA - Idea Bank's Experimental Bank Branches - Highly Commended

    Polish midsize SME bank, Idea Bank, aims to revive branch banking by adjusting their purpose to clients’ real needs. It has developed experimental bank branches targeted at sole proprietors who cannot afford permanent office premises by equipping branches with a range of office facilities, as well as a fully staffed café and banking facilities. These are repackaged in a comfortable, business-friendly environment where customers can work, meet clients or attend training events, all designed to help SME owners grow their business.
  • Innovation in supporting business or enterprise - alternative financing

    09. MarketInvoice - Invoice Finance Product
    MarketInvoice - Invoice Finance Product

    Launched in February 2011, MarketInvoice is a UK-based fintech company which has grown to become Europe’s largest online invoice trader. It was the UK’s first online marketplace allowing companies to selectively and confidentially sell outstanding invoices to raise working capital. The peer-to-peer model allows flexibility, with no personal guarantees or lock-ins, and offers a clear fee structure. The transparent, swift and simple service allows customers to access funding within 24 hours of application and has contributed to the growth of the company.
  • Best technology partnership

    10. Aktif Bank - PassoLig

    Aktif Bank - PassoLig

    PassoLig is a visionary partnership between Aktif Bank, the Turkish Authorities and the Turkish Football Association to create a streamlined technological solution to the problem of football violence, by requiring every fan to purchase tickets via their designated PassoLig card, thus giving the authorities knowledge of who is in the stadium. However, the card offers much more as a contactless EMV-enabled transport card, e-wallet and affinity card, covering the whole match day experience, with more features planned in the future.

  • Most effective cultural transformation or staff participation initiative

    11. Barclays - The Brand Agent Programme

    Barclays - The Brand Agent Programme

    The Brand Agent programme is a colleague-led, world class initiative operating internally across Barclays. The programme was established to help rebuild trust in the Barclays brand from the grass roots up. Brand Agents are a diverse cohort of around 400 highly engaged employees from all roles and regions who – alongside their daily roles – champion the brand, motivate colleagues and communicate business messages across the organisation. The programme acts as a business-wide monitor, effectively connecting the different areas of the bank.

  • Most effective cultural transformation or staff participation initiative

    11. LV= - Sales and Service Target Operating Model Programme

    LV= - Sales and Service Target Operating Model Programme - Highly Commended

    With multiple sites and product-based customer service, LV= wanted to improve the customer experience journey and improve customer satisfaction scores by being able to deal with queries on a ‘one-stop-shop’ basis. By changing their operating model and working practices and widening colleague skills, they have implemented a programme to transform the business and upskill staff to deal with all types of call without having to transfer the customer. This has improved the job variety and increased job satisfaction for customer service representatives, as well as increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Most effective back office initiative

    12. Wesleyan - New Bank System

    Wesleyan - New Bank System

    To underpin ambitious performance growth targets set by management for the next five years and beyond, Wesleyan recognised that their ageing computer system needed to be replaced. This entry demonstrates how Wesleyan successfully managed and implemented a complete Bank System renewal with meticulous planning and carefully chosen partnerships. The new system has had a huge impact on business, opening up new opportunities, significantly improving NPS and bringing increased customer satisfaction.

  • Most innovative application of technology – financial services institutions – customer advice and support

    13. Lloyds Bank Private Banking - Launching Live Document Sharing, Video Conferencing and a Financial Planning Tool
    Lloyds Bank Private Banking - Launching Live Document Sharing, Video Conferencing and a Financial Planning Tool

    In partnership with a market-leading financial planning tool provider, Lloyds Bank Private Banking developed a tailored solution to provide expert advice to as many clients as possible, regardless of age, circumstance or location in the UK. It utilises live document sharing and video conferencing technology to offer real benefits to all parties. An adviser interface integrates with back office systems, improving efficiency and minimising duplication, while clients can create ‘what-if’ scenarios using the interactive, visually engaging system.
  • Most innovative application of technology – financial services institutions – customer advice and support

    13. Nationwide Now - Leading the way with Innovation

    Nationwide Now - Leading the way with Innovation - Highly Commended

    Nationwide Now (NNOW) is an industry leading innovation, which has revolutionised the way we can respond to high customer demand for mortgage, financial planning or personal banking appointments. With higher demand for appointments, capacity came under pressure, and NNOW was launched. It provides high definition, video-conferencing from interview rooms within branches with trained consultants based at a UK contact centre. The addition of screen sharing, printing and scanning support has all enhanced the customer experience and generated excellent feedback.

  • Most innovative application of technology - financial services institutions - product enhancement and accessibility

    14. Citi Retail Services - Citi Retail Services' Digital Evolution

    Citi Retail Services - Digital Evolution

    Citi wanted to deliver high quality new account acquisition and self-service across their retail partnerships, but were hindered by environmental and legacy challenges. This led them to embark on a three-year strategy to rework their digital capabilities and supporting infrastructure from the ground up. This flexible, responsive customisation framework focused on reengineering to create a seamless integration of banking and retailing functionality, driving sales and more effective customer engagement, and delivering a consistent user experience across multiple devices.


  • Innovation in marketing and communications

    15. LV= - Retirement Pathfinder Campaign

    LV= - Retirement Pathfinder Campaign

    LV= wanted to embed good practice in their response to the changes to pensions legislation, which gave clients more freedom in retirement income planning. A  customer-centric approach led to the development of a unique tool – the Retirement Pathfinder – and a strong educational and informative marketing campaign directed at advisers encouraged them to try out the tool for themselves. Successful trials which helped them to understand the impact and benefits of the tool on client recommendations led to high adoption rates.

  • Most innovative financial services solution - technology vendors

    16. BCA Research - BCA Edge, Redefining Investment Research

    BCA Research - BCA Edge: Redefining Investment Research

    A market leader in independent macroeconomic research, BCA has provided the investment community with insightful, engaging and actionable investment analysis for more than 60 years. Through applying its proprietary and innovative approach to its investment research solutions, it turns content into actionable information for investment professionals, for whom it is only relevant if it can be accessed as part of their workflow. BCA’s technology unlocks the value of research and provides the tools to integrate it into everyday work life.

  • Most innovative financial services solution - technology vendors


    ansarada - Simplifying M&A - Highly Commended

    ansarada is one of the world’s leading and pioneering providers of virtual data rooms (VDR) designed exclusively to facilitate global mergers and acquisition deals. Building a reputation on excellent customer service, they offer a ‘follow the sun’ customer service and an intensive training programme for operatives to maximise service standards. The customer experience based on a simple, intuitive, secure, browser-based system is designed to assist the complexities of M&A transactions, with powerful, easy-to-use features and high-speed processing.

  • Best payments initiative

    17. Credorax - The Credorax Best Payments Initiative

    Credorax - The Credorax Best Payments Initiative

    Credorax is an innovative merchant acquiring bank specialising in cross-border ecommerce. Its payment exchange initiative facilitates and levels the global e-commerce

    playing field for any online merchant, regardless of their demographic, geographical location or socioeconomic status. It offers a single, unified global-domestic payment platform and has formed key partnerships with regional payment service providers to help SMEs expand into international markets, helping them to overcome the challenges of doing business across borders.

  • Most innovative support for customers in vulnerable circumstances

    18. Capital One - Helping Customers to Succeed with QuickSwitch and Paydown

    Capital One - Helping Customers to Succeed with QuickSwitch and Paydown

    Capital One teamed up with the Fairbanking Foundation and behavioural experts to undertake pioneering research to understand why customers choose to make minimum payments on their credit cards. This enabled them to understand how to engage with, and protect vulnerable customers. They developed a radical new customer emailing system designed to encourage them to pay off more by using positive language techniques, helping customers to reduce their interest charges and improve paydown times and making their financial status better.

  • Excellence in customer experience - customer-centric business enhancement

    19. LV= - One Call Resolution

    LV= - One Call Resolution

    LV= aims to offer great service by being easy to deal with, offering great value and treating customers with care and respect. A new way of working, known as ‘One Call Resolution’ has enabled them to improve customer satisfaction, the customer journey and overall efficiency by aiming to resolve customer queries on the first call. Multiskilled staff, a paperless system and measuring customer outcome and experience as a KPI have transformed the operation and improved customer ratings.

  • Excellence in customer experience - customer focused products and services

    20. Turkiys Ekonomi Bankasi - CEPTETEB

    Türkiye Ekonomi Bankası - CEPTETEB

    CEPTETEB is a branchless banking channel designed to appeal to a young, urban population which is ultra-connected, mobile and independent. It focuses on delivering a unique banking experience based on easy login and search, reduced friction in transactions and a modern, comprehensive user experience. The iOS or Android app features breakthrough design elements, innovative features such as money withdrawal via QR wallet or bill payments via a barcode scanner and a channel optimised experience, all designed to maximise customer facility and satisfaction.

  • Best community banking initiative

    21. Barclays - Banking on Change

    Barclays - Banking on Change

    Banking on Change aims to improve the quality of life of the world’s poorest people living on less than US$2 a day through a proven, savings-led (rather than credit-led) approach to microfinance. It gives people in seven countries the opportunities and skills to save and manage their money more effectively and provides access to basic financial services through informal savings groups. The project has broken down the barriers impeding these groups from accessing formal banking products to achieve financial inclusion.

  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products

    22. Lloyds Banking Group - Current Accout and Overdraft Eligibility Checker

    Lloyds Banking Group - Current Account and Overdraft Eligibility Checker

    There are almost two million UK unbanked adults. LBG has committed to take a lead in financial inclusion, to enable all individuals to access financial services. Their Eligibility Checker is a UK first, a tool to help potential new customers see if they are eligible for a current account or overdraft without impacting their credit score and offering them a basic cash account if they do not qualify for a full facility account. It also offers links to personal financial guides to help the customer.

  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products

    22. RBS - Automated Treasury Solutions

    RBS - Automated Treasury Solutions - Highly Commended

    ATS is a market-first automated loan risk management and financing tool which offers simplicity of portfolio hedging, with the precision of loan-by-loan hedging. It provides a new way to manage key risk metrics and financing with flexible and streamlined access, transforming the way clients reduce risks and driving operational efficiencies. It does this through the innovative use of cutting edge technology and automation in place of traditional alternatives which are typically highly manual, operationally intensive and suboptimally connected.

  • Most effective back office initiative

    LV= - Implementation of Process Management

    LV= - Implementation of Process Management

    The Process Management team was created in April 2012 to govern, stabilise and continuously improve the way LV= conducts its general insurance business. Previously, change was implemented independently, without considering the impact on other business areas, resulting in a lack of standardisation and transparency, areas working in silos and process information stored in different ways. This journey aims to embed a continuous improvement culture with process at the heart of the business. The approach is innovative through its simplicity, thoroughness and vision. Implemented without massive investment, it began with documenting ‘who does what and why’ in order to visualise the whole business and its interactions with customers and internally. Easy-to-use procedures were identified and shared with staff in the form of best practice documents on an intranet and a sensible governance structure implemented. Benchmarks for business expectations were clearly communicated and an openness to improvement suggestions enc  raged. A comprehensive coaching and quality assurance programme of training has helped to empower customer-facing frontline staff with the tools and ‘know how’ to improve the business and ensure that customers go through the same consistent journey whoever they speak to, and whenever they call LV=.
  • Most innovative application of technology – Mobile banking

    Barclays - 'Call Us' on Barclays Mobile Banking

    Barclays - 'Call Us' on Barclays Mobile Banking

    Traditionally, when customers called Barclays’ helpdesk, they were faced with a series of options before being connected with the right team. Those who did not have the right passcode information for any reason were required to go through multiple security questions to pass Identity and Verification (ID&V) checks once they were put through to an agent. Barclays wanted to address these cumbersome ID&V processes, and created the ‘Call Us’ on Mobile Banking service. Its purpose is to deliver an outstanding customer experience and this is achieved by radically simplifying the procedure when a call is made to the bank. ‘Call Us’ is unique in the market-place. Customers simply select the ‘Call Us’ service from within the mobile application, and are put straight through to the telephony agent, pre-authenticated. The telephone agent now instantly recognises the customer as their details are populated on the agent’s system along with the reason for their call, and can therefore offer a personalised service. It’s broug   greater collaboration between security, customer experience and operations. Not often a product is created, which puts the customer at the core but also improves the security levels and reduces operational costs as well as achieving market-leading Net Promoter Scores.
  • Most innovative application of technology – Other

    MBNA - Digital Communications Hub

    MBNA – Digital Communications Hub

    With an ambition to become the leading service provider in credit cards, MBNA’s Digital team are continuously aiming to enhance their digital capability to meet the changing behaviours and needs of their customers. Their interactive, multi-channel, real-time alert capability is the latest stage in their fraud prevention strategy. Using the Digital Communications hub has revolutionised the way MBNA communicates with customers about potential fraud on their credit. The system has allowed them to reduce reliance on manual intervention and increase the volumes of fraud alerts that can actioned. The Hub technology incorporates business rules that allow MBNA to define the customer contact strategy and parameters can be changed depending on the characteristics of the fraud alert. MBNA has applied the technology from a customer viewpoint, reducing the anxiety in what can be a stressful situation and allowing the customer to self-serve at a time convenient to them. The system permits an immediate override to continue   purchase, where a transaction is genuine, with the same card, with the whole process taking less than a minute. Equally, the system will automatically ‘bounce’ to a new channel if there is no customer response within a given time, until an answer is received.

  • Most innovative application of technology – Investments

    Financial World Innovation Awards Trophy 2014

    Saxo Bank – TradingFloor.com

    Saxo Bank is a Danish bank specialising in online trading and investment across global financial markets. From the start, it has emphasised that technology is a vital element in being competitive in the online industry and has sought excellence in service, technology and security. TradingFloor.com was launched in January 2014, the first major platform to offer multi-asset social trading. It is an investment solution for the social media age – TradingFloor is the first social trading community to feature only real traders and to offer full transparency with regard to performance and trading history. No demo accounts are available; those trading are doing so with real money and all performance data is verified so traders can be sure of the performance of the people they choose to follow or copy. The site offers a range of content including market news, views, data, insights and trade ideas from Saxo’s research teams and VIP authors, and a real-time trade stream reveals current market sentiment. An on-demand TV   annel features video content filmed from Saxo’s trading floor in Copenhagen. In all this, and with more than 30,000 multi-asset tradable instruments available, trading has now become a social experience.
  • Best community banking initiative

    Backus - Making Progress Together

    Backus – Making Progress Together

    Peru is one of Latin America’s fastest growing economies, and yet its financial inclusion rate is among the lowest in South America. In 2012, only six out of 11 million people had access to any banking services, including wholesalers and suppliers. Lack of access to financial products and services has led to increased bankruptcies, stifled growth and risk of robbery. This project is a joint venture between a drinks company, several banks and a microfinance provider and has reached deep into rural areas to create a simple infrastructure that reduces dependence on cash, offers access to much-needed credit lines to build businesses and a programme of education and training to improve financial awareness. Small loans at preferential rates have removed the unfavourable choice between stagnation, bankruptcy or extortionate interest rates from unscrupulous lenders, while the development of a mobile banking model and web platform to control the daily payments from clients and cash flow improves security, is simple to  se and provides easy access to financial services. In addition, to overcome the lack of financial infrastructure, 1500 ‘mini banks’ have been located in small, stores, centrally located within a rural clusters offering banking facilities to local companies and micro-businesses.
  • Innovation or enhancement in product or proposition design – Deposits, savings & loans

    Lloyds Banking Group - UK First Mobile Authenticated Savings and Loans

    Lloyds Banking Group – UK first: Mobile Authenticated Savings and Loans

    Lloyds needed to find an innovative way to quickly and cost-effectively allow customers to compare and apply for a range of products on their Mobile device. The Next Gen Browser (NGB) project met this challenge by offering customers access to a range of products on the move and giving the bank a more efficient model which delivers product journeys better, faster and more cheaply. Comparison tables offer an effective way to give customers informed choice. A radical shift in thinking moved towards new technical expertise as well as operational change allowed desktop and mobile development teams to work together to create a single code base. NGB has created an adaptive and responsive approach as well as proof of concept which is now being rolled out through the bank as the way forward. The project was so successful that mobile is expected to overtake desktop sales in the near future.

  • Best payments initiative

    Payments Council - Paym

    Payments Council – Paym

    The Payments Council is the body with responsibility for ensuring that payment services work for all those that use them in the UK. With access to a wide range of stakeholders, it is uniquely positioned to drive innovation in payments and implement change. Three years ago, Payments Council members agreed that if customers could pay straight into someone’s current account using just their mobile number it would make life much easier. Paym is a solution that enables customers to link their account details to their mobile phone number. It uses existing mobile banking or payments apps which are already known and trusted by customers to make secure transactions via Faster Payments or the LINK Network. The recipient’s name can be checked using Paym before sending a payment to ensure trust and confidence about the destination of the payment, while no prepayment account is required and customers do not need to know account details. With more than 82 million mobile phone subscriptions in the UK and with 72% of consume   owning a smartphone, the timing of Paym fits in with the move to mobile banking. Paym is available to 30 million customers in the UK and will reach a further 10+ million by the end of 2014.
  • Innovation in cash management or treasury services

    Standard Chartered Bank - Unity - Straight2Bank Liquidity

    Standard Chartered Bank – Unity – Straight2Bank Liquidity

    Standard Chartered aims to use its Cash Transformation Programme to position the Bank as a premier international cash management provider across its global footprint for all corporate and financial institutions. With liquidity management being the bloodline of any business, the Straight2Bank Liquidity project launched a new product platform dedicated to the provision of advanced global liquidity management offerings. The Core Balance CASA Deposit Module also helps to build core and stickiness through the incentivisation of operating account behaviour (stability, growth and activity). Standard Chartered was the first bank in the world to offer a cross border true endof- day sweep in RMB. A speedy concept to launch time has enabled the bank to benefit from a significant increase in new client liabilities. Clients can take advantage of the interactive front end to do pre-sweep simulations on liquidity pools, allowing for better cash forecasting, as well as seeing graphical views of fund movements that improve th  customer experience. Additionally, true end of day cross border sweeping (either following or against the sun) and automated rule-based investment sweeps, a reduction in FX risk, online self-service and intercompany loan management options, along with a host of cross border management tools enhance the client product experience and make their cash work harder.
  • Best regulated advice initiative

    Tenet Group - Independent Advice Proposition

    Tenet Group – Independent Advice Proposition

    Tenet Group, a Leeds-based adviser support group, is one of the largest and longest established in the UK, supporting thousands of advisers across four key support propositions. It has always beena staunch supporter of independent advice and, post-RDR, was determined to remain committed to supporting this model for those individuals with the desire and capability. With RDR on the horizon, it was feared that independent advice would become too difficult and onerous to support, but many Tenet advisors expressed a desire to retain their independent status. Tenet has invested to transform its structure to help advisors meet the more demanding requirements for independence post- RDR. In doing so, it has launched the industry’s first ‘end-to-end’ Continuous Professional Development programme and Statement of Professional Standing solution from a single source. This platform ensures that Tenet advisors can comply with new rules more effectively and is provided free of charge to network members. In addition, Tenet ha  issued business funding, actively helping member firms transition to a fee-based model as well as developing their practices. They also created a new Financial Planning Service which offers specialist services and technology to help advisors research the right products from across the market.
  • Most innovative use of data

    HSBC Securities Services - HSBCnet Client View

    HSBC Securities Services – HSBCnet Client View

    HSBC Securities Services (HSS) wanted to move beyond an existing legacy platform and to use its technological capabilities to build a new HSS Portal which would showcase the new face of the business in the market. A review of all information delivery capabilities and a wide-ranging consultation process led to the design of a new leading-edge, intuitive data management information delivery tool. The project was complex and large scale due to the number of global clients, and was implemented in phases in Europe and then Asia. The Portal provides a single interface to essential portfolio data held on some of the major operational platforms via a collection of purpose-built data marts. It is a rich internet application using scalable technology, offering dashboard widgets and comprehensive accounting reports that can be configured and customised by the client. Clients can also use data downloads, automated report processing and dashboard illustrations to create graphs and interactive data charts with drill-down c  ability. The aim of the portal was twofold – to be cost effective and client focused. It is an important information delivery portal that acts as a gateway for clients to access their portfolio, data and reports in real time.

  • Best risk project or governance initiative

    Maximise IT Solutions - Managing the risk of unstructured data (2)

    Maximise IT Solutions – Managing the Risk of Unstructured Data

    Maximise IT Solutions’ UK banking client had identified that problems inherent in its existing data management solutions were creating difficulties with information security that might cause them to breach the Data Protection Act. They were therefore asked to address the risk control mechanisms that would prevent such a breach and Project DARA was launched. DARA is a cloud-based system which innovatively provides a new way of tackling the data challenges and risks that potentially affect all regulated organisations. With risk and compliance being the main driving forces, a solution was developed that would provide an in-depth and multi-faceted insight into unstructured and mismanaged data held on the bank’s infrastructure. It dealt with issues such as file server stability, performance issues, data storage issues and increasing management costs as well as the risks associated with data protection and retention, enforcing internal policies and regulatory compliance, access permissions and data security. An easy  to interpret graphical user interface offer a view of the overall landscape and helps to identify risks, and improve governance and compliance. DARA has provided the client with a system powerful enough to work consistently across their vast quantities of unstructured data.

  • Best risk project or governance initiative

    Financial World Innovation Awards - Innovate

    Oxford Risk – Oxford Risk Rating - Commended

    Oxford Risk is the UK’s market-leading provider of investor risk profilers for the financial services sector. Its products reveal the level of risk customers are willing and able to take with their financial investments. It wanted to expand into a wider market and recognised that it needed to find a way to make the innovative standard UK investor risk profiler they had developed available online. The technology is also innovative, and the tool was developed using lean and agile methodologies and best practice as well as the best available psychometric thinking. The online profiler offers a greater degree of accuracy about customer circumstances and preferences, and has an inbuilt ‘internal consistency checker’ which flags up anomalies. Thoroughly tested to ensure statistical accuracy as well as cultural and linguistic cross-compatibility, Oxford Risk Rating Online delivers all the benefits associated with a flexible investment journey. It is fast to implement, offering advisers cost-effective access to risk p  filers, providing them with valuable client data and allowing them to far exceed their regulatory requirements. Throughout, Oxford Risk has been diligent in understanding the requirements of global financial regulators and in ensuring that the needs and concerns of Compliance Departments are addressed.

  • Technology vendors – Most innovative financial services solution

    VocaLink - Current Account Switch Service

    VocaLink – Current Account Switch Service

    The Current Account Switch Service offers a transformational improvement in customer mobility and choice. The new service seeks to eradicate any concerns bank customers may have had in the past about switching their current account. It does this by providing customers with a first-class switching service that aims to increase competition in the high street and support the entry of new banks in the current account marketplace. Now customers with virtually any UK current account can switch banks free of charge and within seven days, knowing exactly what will happen and with service guaranteed. At a time when banks have come under heavy criticism, the new service marks a real step-change improvement in customer empowerment. The ability to switch accounts easily and confidently is introducing a new level of competitiveness to UK retail banking. The technology for the new service was designed in partnership with the Payments Council and the UK’s payment schemes and was built, implemented and delivered by VocaLink,  eeting the challenge of a launch directly into a live environment. It has operated faultlessly from the start. The service is a world first for retail banking.

  • Best financial start-up

    Assetz Capital - Secure peer-to-peer lending

    Assetz Capital – Secured peer-to-peer lending

    Assetz Capital is a peer-to-peer platform facilitating alternative lending options to UK SMEs and property developers. Launching in April 2013, it has consistently been among the fastest-growing peer-to-peer lending platforms, with significant double-digit growth over the past months. It has proved pioneering in its mitigating of high loss levels – a characteristic of the market which negatively impacts investor returns – by taking security against the loan. A pioneer in the industry, it was the first in the market to launch a loan underwriting model, allowing it to take on some of the industry’s largest loans and also the first to launch a bridging offering. Assetz Capital became profitable after only nine months of business and has remained in the black ever since. It has been able to fund some of the largest ever P2P loans including one for £1.5m for student accommodation in Nottingham which has already been repaid in full. With asset security and no lender fees, investors can also benefit from diversifica  on across multiple loans as well as the opportunity to sell loan parts on an aftermarket, for better liquidity.

  • Best financial start-up

    Financial World Innovation Awards - Innovate

    Bought By Many – boughtbymany.com - Commended

    Customers do not always want a one-size-fits-all approach to insurance products. boughtbymany.com has addressed this issue with a social commerce offering at the heart of its business model, using collective buying power to negotiate ‘niche’ deals which would not be available to individuals. Insurers can benefit from access to potentially valuable segments, diversify risk, lower dependency on aggregators and achieve greater profitability. By using social media and making the consumer central to business, boughtbymany.com crowd sources ideas for new insurance groups or improvements to existing policies, giving a real-time view of the changing needs of the market and garnering valuable data. Additionally, a collective voice leads to more appropriate, better value products for customers, including products which couldn’t be found online before. Examples include pet insurance for Pugs and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, home insurance for Coach Houses and insurance for Hearing Aids, as well as better sports accident  over for junior Rugby players and product insurance on iPads for the over-50s. Present in the market since September 2012, boughtbymany.com also offers a series of high quality insurance guides and is working with many leading insurance companies to create win-win insurance deals for customers.

  • Innovation in marketing and communications

    LV= and Bearing Point - Media Optimisation Powered by HyperCube

    LV= and BearingPoint – Media Optimisation Powered by HyperCube®

    The advance of marketing into the digital age has not yet solved the problem of how to direct media spend. The fact that there are more channels at our disposal than ever before, simply adds further complexity. BearingPoint has developed an optimisation methodology powered by HyperCube®, an advanced analytics tool that shuns traditional hypothesis-led statistical methods, delivering superior analyses to optimise cross-channel media spend and deliver sales improvements. LV=, the UK’s largest friendly society and a leading insurance and financial services provider, has adopted this tool as part of an initiative to optimise marketing and media spend. HyperCube® applies a smart approach to understanding the complexities of how multi-channel campaigns actually influence the customer purchase journey and uses the insights to help LV= identify more effective ways to reach its customers and increase sales. Through this project LV= has been able use the rich data at its disposal to optimise its media spend. The media   timisation project was completed within four months, running four cycles of data analysis more than 4000 variables. This dataset was then run through the HyperCube® grid computing algorithm to discover spend profiles across multiple channels that would result in increased sales. Initial results have shown an increase target customer numbers.

  • Innovation or enhancement in product or proposition

    Bishopsfield Capital Partners - Monitoting Advisory Services

    Bishopsfield Capital Partners – Monitoring Advisory Services: the solution for Institutional Investors investing in Project Debt

    Bishopsfield Capital Partners is a leading independent structured and corporate financial advisory and financial investments firm. Its clients benefit from the firm’s in-depth knowledge of structured and corporate finance. The team made the strategic decision to develop the monitoring advisory business to meet an identified market need as well as creating a sustainable revenue stream to complement the firm’s traditional one-off revenue streams. The initiative was developed following extensive market research that showed that investors were seeking transparency, regular high quality reporting, a clear framework to protect them and a right to be heard and participate in material credit decision-making. A product concept was developed, and subsequently implemented to meet the specific needs of an inaugural transaction, after which it was applied to support different debt structures, themselves providing finance to vastly different, socially essential infrastructure projects. Key innovations include a defined, st  amlined investor decision-making structure and a discrete information disclosure framework. The Monitoring Advisory service enables institutional investors to provide debt finance to the traditionally bank-financed infrastructure and project finance market and has emerged as Europe’s leading provider of monitoring advisory services, facilitating investor understanding and management of their investments and promoting efficient and effective communication with borrowers.

  • Innovation or enhancement in product or proposition design - Investments, pensions & protection

    Aegon Ireland - Monthiversary

    Aegon Ireland – Monthiversary - Commended

    Following the changes to the pensions industry announced in the Budget, people now need time to consider what the best retirement options are for their individual circumstances. The end of the compulsory annuity means that consumers have more to consider when retiring. Unit-linked guarantees can provide some comfort and Aegon’s Secure Lifetime Income plan has some similarities to an annuity, in that it provides a guaranteed income for life, with additional flexibility. While market volatility is unavoidable, it makes retirement savers extremely vulnerable to fluctuations. The Monthiversary feature, unique to Aegon, allows customers to lock-in higher income through any potential investment growth whilst still allowing them access to capital. This means that they are able to make the most of market fluctuations, with 12 opportunities each year to lock-in to a higher income base as well as being guaranteed a pre-income interest level which guarantees them a base income, giving investors the reassurance of knowin  the minimum income they will receive. Almost all customers locked in an investment gained last year. In addition, Monthiversary also applies to the almost one third of all investors who have chosen to defer their income for a period.

  • Innovation in supporting business or enterprise

    Platform Black - Revolutionizing Invoice Trading & Supply Chain Finance

    Platform Black – Revolutionising Invoice Trading & Supply Chain Finance

    Platform Black is a leading provider in the alternative finance space, delivering a number of services, including invoice trading and the next generation of supply chain finance. Their online trading platform matches owners of invoices for which they need immediate payment to holders of funds looking to invest. A business can auction as many or as few invoices as it chooses to the best bidders, speedily turning receivables into cash. The ability to mitigate against concentration of risk in receivables, cost transparency and complete flexibility to opt in or out of the supply chain finance arrangement are some of the reasons that the product is so innovative. The online trading technology uses an agile design methodology which is optimised for the Cloud and the system has an infrastructure that is robust, scalable and secure, via certificated encryption. Careful positioning in the marketplace has given Platform Black the ability to meet renewed economic optimism with a niche service that offers fast, flexible   nding that has given the business remarkable growth and a 100% success rate. This has resulted in every business that ran an auction receiving the finance it wanted, at or below the price it set.

  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products – Financial services

    Backus - Making Progress Together

    Backus – Making Progress Together*

    Backus, a Peruvian beer brewer, together with a number of financial institutions, formed a partnership which proactively supports community growth by addressing the problems caused by financial exclusion, Practical measures have transformed the landscape for small businesses, particularly retailers, through the creation of a series of mini-banks, located within existing businesses conveniently set into a local cluster for easy access. Additionally, the partnership lobbied for and achieved a change in legislation so that mobile phone transactions  became possible in Peru. This had a massive impact as it removed the very real risk of cash robbery, as well as offering a mobile banking model and web platform that helps control daily payments and cash flow as well as improving ordering and bill payment processes. The final strand offered affordable loan arrangements which allowed businesses to borrow to expand without being at the mercy of unscrupulous lenders.

    *Award Category Partner:

    Grant Thornton

  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products – Mobile*

    Lloyds Banking Group - Turbo charging the production of mobile product journeys

    Lloyds Banking Group – Turbo charging the production of mobile product journeys

    Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) has experienced a significant customer shift away from traditional channels towards Mobile. However, this shift poses challenges for the bank as customers wish to purchase products via this preferred channel, which has not previously been possible. The Next Gen Browser project aimed to allow customers to compare and apply for a range of products quickly and easily on their mobile phones in a way that was cost effective for the bank as well as offering a better mobile experience for the customers. The result is a more efficient delivery model for Lloyds, who can now deliver product journeys in a better, faster and cheaper way. Now customers can apply for 25 products across six different journeys: Loans, Savings, Term Deposits, Overdrafts, Credit Cards and International Payments. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and sales volumes have increased significantly on mobile across all three LBG brands. The introduction of Adaptive Design to LBG to render desktop journeys o  Mobile has proved to give faster and cheaper development in addition to a superior customer experience.

    *Awards category partner:
    Grant Thornton

  • Excellence in customer experience - Customer centric business enhancement

    MarketInvoice - Customer Experience at MarketInvoice

    MarketInvoice – Customer Experience at MarketInvoice

    MarketInvoice has taken on the large providers in offering a new, disruptive business concept that aims to revolutionise the way UK businesses manage their cash flow. By removing some of the sticking points when accessing invoice finance and coupling this with digital technology, it has streamlined the process, allowing companies to flexibly and speedily access the cash tied up in their invoices. It allows customers to work on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, which in turn has led to greater customer retention, with users now accessing the service on a regular basis. Pioneering customer service initiatives in the tech space and the development of all technology in-house has enabled MarketInvoice to customise service to individual customer needs and now computers serve the business rather than just churning out decisions. All of this has contributed to significant growth of the business and helped customers to make the most of their working capital, as well as building transparent and supportive relationships with cus  mers which generates increased levels of satisfaction.

  • Excellence in customer experience - Customer centric business enhancement

    Lloyds Banking Group - Simplifying the Customer Journey

    Lloyds Banking Group – Simplifying the Customer Journey - Commended

    With a Group vision to be the ‘Best Bank for Customers’, Lloyds took a business-critical but everyday transactional service, and through challenging their Merchant Acquiring business to double their market share by 2017 have worked to change the customer journey. A complete overhaul has transformed the customer experience using a combination of sector-leading service innovations, multichannel engagement and employee engagement. From a position where nearly half of applications were abandoned before completion, the system has been designed to be informative, helpful and foster loyalty, which in turn grows business, increases customer satisfaction and retention and brings revenue to the bank. From taking weeks to complete, the system now takes just over three hours, a huge benefit to people starting up a business, and there is a comprehensive system of assistance for problems, both online and via a helpline. Results have been impressive, with all key metrics moving in the right direction and new levels of customer satisfaction have been recorded.

  • Excellence in customer experience - Customer centric business enhancement

    Nutmeg - Nutmeg

    Nutmeg – Nutmeg - Commended

    Nutmeg is the only discretionary investment management service in the UK that operates an end-toend online business model. They achieve this by listening to what customers tell them and responding by offering them a tailored service and personalised portfolio management for all. They achieve these service levels through the efficiencies available using online technology and customer education. A single management fee, together with an assessment of investment goals and risk appetite are teamed with 24/7 secure access to an account. Regular portfolio balancing and an expert discretionary service are offered to customers in order to help them achieve their long term financial goals. The quality of the service is reflected in customer satisfaction and the acquisition of new customers through referral and recommendation from the existing customer base. Nutmeg is also one of the few wealth management businesses that concentrates on transparency, publishing its portfolio investment performance on the homepage of the website.

  • Excellence in customer experience – Customer focused products & services

    Barclays - Personlaised Cards - High Visibility Cards

    Barclays – Personalised Cards – High Visibility Cards

    Barclays understands that a debit card is the primary interface for a customer’s banking experience and has offered design responsibility to their entire customer base, allowing imagination to create a personalised card design. Customers design their debit cards, choosing their own images or ones from an online gallery. In response to specific customer feedback, Barclays learned of the difficulties faced by visually impaired customers when using their card because of the small script, colour and design. This led to further research and in early 2013, a new category was introduced to the Barclays personalised cards gallery featuring twelve high visibility colour images which help make using a debit card much easier for visually impaired and elderly customers. Since then, the bank has introduced further enhancements such as the introduction of a notch in the side so that customers can understand the direction of card when inserting it into cash or payment machines, and a change from the current silver printing    black or white, making it far easier to read clearly.

  • Innovation in sustainability or social responsibility

    Five Talents UK - Cashless and Paperless Microfinance in Tanzania

    Five Talents UK – Cashless & Paperless Microfinance in Tanzania

    Five Talents is a registered microfinance charity working in 12 countries including Tanzania where it works with a local partner, the Mama Bahati Foundation (MBF) serving more than 3,000 female customers who have little or no access to financial services or business training. A major security incident in 2011 galvanised MBF to look at their operations, to make them more secure, streamlined efficient and cost-effective. With mobile access patchy in Tanzania at this point, MBF took the advantage of an opportunity to partner with an innovative technology company, Musoni Services, in a joint venture to pioneer their new system – a microfinance and management system that fully integrates Mobile Money Transfer solutions enabling clients to send and receive funds over their mobile phones. This platform for cashless and paperless microfinance has front and back office processes fully integrated into a single system. With improved connectivity, a massive reduction in cash handling has taken place, along with far more   ficient processes, allowing staff to concentrate on recruiting and helping clients rather than on administrative tasks. This means that the business has been able to scale up its operations, while staff and clients are more secure without having to carry cash.

  • Best financial crime prevention initiative

    MBNA - Digital Communications Hub

    MBNA – Digital Communications Hub

    The Digital Communications Hub has revolutionised the way MBNA communicates with customers about potential fraud on their credit card. With time of the essence when a potential fraudulent situation occurs, the system has been developed to engage with the customer as quickly as possible via an interactive multi-channel, real-time alert capability, starting with whichever communication method (text, voice, and email) would reach the customer fastest. If a response is not received the system automatically ‘bounces’ the query on to the next channel, until a response is obtained. Business rules are incorporated determining the time allowed to wait for a response before moving to a new channel, based on the characteristics of the fraud alert – transaction value, time of day, location or PoS decline – and these allow the customer to self-serve at a time convenient to them. Significantly, if the transaction is genuine, the customer response will automatically allow an over-ride of the fraud alert, ensuring the custom   can continue using their card immediately. Acting in real-time, this entire process takes less than a minute. Equally, an indication of fraud will immediately trigger action by a Fraud Expert. The service provided by the Hub has led to increased levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Most effective cultural transformation or staff participation initiative

    LV= - Removal of Sales Incentive

    LV= – Removal of Sales Incentive

    With the majority of business originating online, LV= reviewed the possibility of removing the sales incentive scheme for customer service representatives (CSRs). A project was initiated to review the best option for customers, staff and the business in order to fully understand the impacts of stopping the incentive scheme. At the time no other insurers had publicly announced the removal of sales-based incentives and LV= was innovative in the way it engaged staff throughout the transition of moving Sales CSRs from a monthly bonus scheme to the annual Group Scheme, putting it in a leading position to lead the market in transforming its call centre culture. Team leaders were briefed first, then given change management training, delivering information in a controlled manner and providing the offer of an individual meeting for each employee. A series of career building incentives such as cross-skilling and working flexibility meant that attrition was less than anticipated, while the overall approach has set a blu  rint for future cultural changes and the chance to share best practice with other parts of the business.
  • Most effective cultural transformation or staff participation initiative

    Barclays - Digital Eagles

    Barclays – Digital Eagles - Commended

    The digital world now impacts everyone and is moving at such a pace that it is difficult to keep up. Barclays’ colleagues had experienced this first hand with a constant stream of changes to work patterns and a small group of them identified this challenge and wanted to share their passion for technology with their colleagues, in order to help them engage with new and existing digital initiatives, and ultimately to help them serve customers better. With the aim of making Barclays the most digitally savvy workforce in the UK, an initial 18 people visited branches and operations centres to bring digital empowerment into the hearts of colleagues training a ‘Digital Eagle’ in every branch. Furthermore, it was recognised that more could be done to help the nine million people in the UK who lack basic online skills, and a holistic campaign to promote Digital Eagles to the public was planned. Now there are more than 12,000 employees around the world who have voluntarily joined the initiative, providing a completely free service to both customers and non-customers, allowing many to move into the digital age with more confidence, ensuring that no one misses out on what the internet has to offer both in banking and in wider life.

  • Most effective back office initiative

    Winner - Lloyds Banking Group, TheSource Programme

    TheSource Programme delivered a new group IT process architecture and underpinning process repository for Lloyds Banking Group (LBG). It is an invaluable and leading edge 'IT in a box' resource for LBG Group IT global staff that defines the best-practice way of working across all IT capabilities. The website uses leading technology to enable staff to visualise, document, optimise and communicate processes, while taking account of manufacturing best practices, keeping in view current priorities and providing agility and flexibility to the bank. This has provided a foundation to foster future innovation and continuous improvements to how LBG IT operates, including the implementation of process suggestions make by IT staff.
  • Best community banking initiative

    Winner - The KilckEx Group, Foreign Exchange Markets & Remote Islands - Integrated Micro Banking across the Pacific

    KlickEx is and international mobile money network which offers a secure, low-cost service to the diverse and disparate communities of the South Pacific. Dealing with the challenges of ultra-small volumes, high costs and remittance-dependent nations, KlickEx has developed an expanded payments systems with the new products, access to more mobile phone networks and improved services that have increased customer numbers threefold since 2012.
  • Best community banking initiative

    Commended - Five Talents, Converting Savings Groups into Financial Services Associations in Kenya

    Five Talents is a registered microfinance charity specialising in marginalised communities. One project is rural Kenya has taken a successful savings-led community development trust, which has become unwieldy because of its size and popularity, and pioneered a village bank which addresses the lack of provision of financial services in the area. It is a self-sustaining, community-owned and managed financial institution which offers a wider range of services that benefit shareholding members and the wider community.
  • Best financial advice initiative

    Winner - Wesleyan Assurance Society, Retail Distribution Review (RDR)

    The strict demands of RDR facing the retail investment advice sector required radical changes to the structure of Wesleyan, affecting all advisers, systems, processes and IT systems. They chose to embrace this as an opportunity, and developed a project tailored to meet the tight deadlines and rigorous governance requirements of RDR. The project was delivered on time and with no disruption to trading. The outcome was very positive both in terms of staff expertise, morale and attrition rates, and in customer endorsement. In successfully delivering RDR, Wesleyan has created firm foundations for future growth.
  • Innovation in customer proposition and product design - Banking - Product enhancement

    Winner - Bankinter, COINC by Bankinter

    Bankinter's Innovation Centre developed COINC, based on research and feedback that showed a need for a transparent approach to banking. They paired this with the latest cross-sector trends online and in applications to target the new generation of internet-savvy application and social network users, building a savings portal 100 per cent online with the first paperless registration in Spanish financial services. Through this online portal, customers can save for a common goal or a group objective which can be shared through social networks in a fun and easy way, with clear view of progress, making COINC a social savings portal with clear customer focus.

  • Innovation in customer proposition and product design - Banking - Service enhancement

    Winner - Barclays, Barclays Features Store

    As a leading provider of retail banking, Barclays wants to build customer engagement by offering an experience that meets key needs in a relevant and personal way to each customer. Research has led Barclays to create a vision for a unique banking experience through the offering of an interactive hub that enables customers to access relevant tools, as well as a Features Store with optional paid-for benefits (in 'packs') and innovations such as the Personalised Debit Card. Customers can navigate through the Store and flexibly tailor their banking experience and products to beet their needs - this has proved to be an attraction proposition.

  • Innovation in customer proposition and product design - Investments

    Winner - Nutmeg.com, Nutmeg.com

    Nutmeg.com is the only discretionary investment management service in the UK that operates as end-to-end online business model, offering active portfolio management to a wide range of investors at low cost. The aim is to provide intelligent, transparent and fair investment services in a customer-centric, efficient, cost-effective way. The site is constructed to be accessible, easy to use and jargon-free, allowing customers to view their portfolio settings whenever they choose without charge. A single management fee simplifies costs and keeps them low, while loyalty discounts are available. This new way of investing has attracted much press attention and has proved popular with customers of this young company.

  • Innovation in customer proposition and product design - Investments

    Commended - BNY Mellon, CCP Collateralisation Program

    BNY Mellon is a global investments company dedicated to helping its clients manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle. Regulatory reform now requires more collateral by more counterparties for more transactions, so BNY Mellon and its partners developed a collateralisation programme that allows swaps. Though the CCP collateralisation programme, clearing firms my pledge corporate bonds into a tri-party account at BNY Mellon, controlled by the CCP, to receive margin credit, offering benefits and flexibility to both sell and buy-side members.
  • Innovation in marketing and communications

    Winner - HSBC Expat, Expat Hints and Tips

    HSBC has reinforced its positioning as a global bank with an offering that harnesses the knowledge of stakeholders together with the power of social medial to create a microsite which encourages expats to engage with content, share their experience, learn more about HSBC and inform potential expats about relevant issues. Three months after the promotional ad campaign ended, users are growing daily and continuing to share content, the Twitter feed has gained many followers and the site has been commended for its valuable content.
  • Innovation in marketing and communications

    Commended - RBS Invoice Finance, The National Campaign

    In may 2013, and for the first time ever, market leaders RBS Invoice Finance launched its first fully-integrated national campaign. Its strategy was designed to demonstrate hoe the three products that make up Invoice Finance help customers achieve different objectives at different life stages of their business. Using multiple content approaches, including real customers sharing their stories, the campaign generated significant interest, including via social media, and gained valuable engagement both from the market and within RBS.

  • Most innovative application of technology - Financial services

    Winner - Barclays, Barclays Debit Card Replacement Programme

    Barclays has recognised the importance of the debit card in their customers' lives, but with up to 20 per cent of cards needing to be replaced before their expiry date due to loss, theft or damage, it also identified the inconvenience caused by the wait for a new card to be issued as a source of frustration for customers. A complete re-engineering of the process has led to the introduction of a new capability which allows cards to be printed on site rather than centrally and issued within a few minutes: a market-leading and welcome service to customers at what can be an emotionally charged time.

  • Most innovative application of technology - Mobile banking

    Winner - Black Horse Finance, Arrangement To Pay Strategy

    Financing new and used vehicles, motor homes, caravans and motorbikes, part of the role of the Operations team at Black Horse Finance is dealing with customers who fall into arrears. The organisation has introduced a communications system called 'Straight Talking' when in dialogue with customers about setting workable repayment arrangements, together with innovative application of technology to manage the arrangement thereafter. These include interactive SMS reminders facilitating immediate call-back where necessary; online card payment facilities; flexibility; 34/7 access; and an emphasis on treating customers fairly. The approach has resulted in significant improvements in successful collection of repayments while simplifying the customer experience.

  • Innovation in supporting enterprise

    Winner - Türk Ekonomi Bankası, TEB Start-Up Business Banking

    TEB is the only Turkish bank with a Start-up Business Banking Department and aims to be a pioneering and competitive force in the SME market. With this in mind, the bank has implemented a significant project to enhance entrepreneurship among SMEs in Turkey in setting up the TEB Start-up Business House in Istanbul, which offers training and other support to potential and existing entrepreneur, as well as consultancy services for entrepreneur producing high-value-added projects. This assists start-ups to identify the right business model, plan and feasibility studies, as well as providing training in sales, marketing and business planning. It also offers an 'Incubation Centre' for up to 50 hi-tech entrepreneur to work on their projects.

  • Technology vendors - Most innovative financial services solution

    Winner - Veracode, Vast

    Veracode is an independent provider of could-based application intelligence and security verification services. When a financial services organisation uses software developed internally of by third-parties, they are inherently assuming the risk from an unknown number of vulnerabilities in the software's code. The Veracode platform provides a speedy, comprehensive solution to improve the security of software applications and third-party components. The product offers a scalable security testing platform for data, mobile, web and third-party applications across an organisation, and identifies software vulnerabilities. Veracode works with the software supplier to test applications for vulnerabilities, and guided the supplier through the process of addressing those flaws, helping to eliminate data breaches that can be costly in terms of business and reputation.

  • Innovation in sustainability and social responsibility

    Winner - Barclays, Early Careers at Barclays

    Combining corporate citizenship with a need for cashiers led Barclays to develop an innovative apprenticeship scheme to meet business needs and offer so-called 'NEETS' an opportunity to enter the workplace. Working with an array of charity partners and a training supplier, Barclays has uncovered untapped potential by identifying motivation and aspiration over qualifications and work experience to bring nearly 1,000 young people on board. The structures programme lets them work towards their apprenticeships with a guaranteed permanent job on qualification. Retention rates are high and there are possibilities to continued ongoing career development, providing a noteworthy opportunity to many who had few prospects.

  • Innovation in trade finance

    Winner - Aktif Bank, Credit Insured Finance (KSF)

    Aktif Bank has built an integrated one-stop shop, unifying the credit insurance system with deferred receivable finance, and enabling customers to protect their open account sales, access financing and free collection services and monitor their unpaid receivables. Aktif Bank remains the only bank that accepts credit insurance as the only collateral, without asking for further securities alongside it. The innovative product has become an alternative option to balance sheet financing and has proved very successful in terms of customer satisfaction and attracting new business.

  • Innovation in trade finance

    Commended - Citi, Citi Supplier Finance Mobile

    Designed and launched in just six months, this is a real-time, on-the-go innovation bringing critical supplier finance transactions information through browser -based mobile connectivity. Uniquely, the solution is available without authentication, allowing clients and their counterparties access to the data, whether they are bank customers or not, because no confidential data is displayed. Clients have appreciated the ease of access to information, and its convenience and efficiency in conducting business on the go.
  • Excellence in customer experience - Product

    Winner - DenizBank, Twitter Loan

    DenizBank has identified social media users as an important target market for the bank, and considering the nine million Twitter users in Turkey, it has created a channel designed to generate leads for the bank's products via Twitter. This is in line with its vision of 'being and serving wherever customers are'. A general purpose loan offered to both customers and non-customers with better rates on Twitter is a globally unique innovation. Designed for simplicity of use, the application structure allows for the 140-character limit of Twitter messages by requesting information in a specific format that allows the bank to credit check applicants and reply to the mobile phone via SMS.

  • Excellence in customer experience - Service

    Winner - Bank of Maldives, Creating a new brand experience for customers making low value transactions

    As the only bank in the Maldives offering a full range of financial services to personal banking customers, Bank of Maldives faced a problem of overcrowding, delay and a culture of poor customer service in its branches. In a radical initiative it separated its clientele, understanding that many of them wished to undertake simple, low-value transactions, and developed a completely new and refreshing banking experience targeting these customers. New technology and an integrated design for a self-service area transformed the look and flow of business, while and in-depth training programme engaged and motivated staff to offer higher levels of service, bringing success and benefits to bank and customer alike.
  • Excellence in customer experience - Service

    Commended - LV= General Insurance, Home Sales Customer Journey Project

    LV=, one of the largest insurers in the UK, has an objective to be the UK's 'best loved insurer'. To deliver a market-leading service, the home sales team has committed to look for ways in which LV= can for the extra mile to help customers, conducting focused reviews on every element of the home insurance experience. This has included proactive seeking of customer feedback in offer to develop best practice for the home insurance customer journey. The creation of performance metrics looking beyond the call lengths and answer rates has successfully helped to tailor the customer experience to leave a lasting impression of the people and product offering.
  • Most effective cultural transformation

    Winner - HSBC Global Banking & Markets (GB&M), The FUSION Programme

    Having identified a siloed culture in terms of hierarchy and region, and skills deficiencies in remote global team working, GB&M IT developed an innovative new approach. It decided to invest in talented IT managers from across the globe, inviting them to join a global team development programme. These intensive residential workshops build vital ream bonding, networking relationships and skills training, before preparing the teams to lead innovation projects in the second six months of the programme. With several 'graduate' cohorts now implementing their training, HSBC has seen tangible benefits, from financial to employee engagement and development of innovation.

  • Most effective staff participation initiative

    Winner - Capco, CapInTouch

    With its culture of ideas, Capco wanted to support its widespread workforce in developing ideas. It established a social collaboration tool that allows employees to keep in touch and feel engaged by being able to participate remotely. Structured in groups, joiners immediately become part of the global community and their local market; they can place 'requests for info', receive information about contacts and businesses, and access material and hints and tips. Participation is optional but has been proved universal due to the organisation’s open communication culture. The tool has been instrumental in ensuring the firm makes the most of its global knowledge and expertise, and enables Capco to better serve it clients.

  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products - Banking service

    Winner - Barclays, Barclays Pingit

    The free Barclays Pingit mobile app allows anyone with a UK bank account and a smartphone to send and receive cash using their mobile phone. Since its launch, Barclays has committed to continues to innovate in order to enhance the customer experience. In the past year, new functionality has allowed users to request payments from friends and family with an option to send a picture with payments, emphasising the social side of payments. Business can apply for a short code associated with their account to receive payments, or use a QR code so that the customers can point and click to make payments and purchases.
  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products - Banking service

    Commended - Lloyds Banking Group, Halifax Home Finder

    As a leading mortgage provider in the UK, and with a desire to put the customer first, Halifax devised a strategic solution, available to iOS and Android mobile phone users, known as Halifax Home Finder. This app is a 'one-stop shop' for customers seeking to buy a property and is a market-leading proposition, allowing prospective buyers to access home-finding assistance as well as financing tools, simultaneously simplifying and enriching the property search process. The showcase feature is advanced augmented reality technology, which enables home buyers to view properties currently for sale in the surrounding area, wherever they are, simply by holding up their smartphone.

  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products - Investments

    Winner - Pershing and BNY Mellon Asset Servicing, Pershing's 529 College Savings Platform

    A 529 plan is an American education savings plan that helps families set aside funds for future college costs, and is eligible for certain tax benefits. In partnership with BNY Mellon Asset Servicing, Pershing saw an opportunity to reshape the way that investments in 529 plans could be made and tracked for adviser-sold plans in the UK. In 2012, Pershing became the first clearing firm to launch a brokerage solution for these plans, eliminating operational obstacles while offering greater efficiency and a clearer picture of client assets and allocation on its NetX360 platform. This improved the experience for client and investor, and attracted new plane, advisers and clients to the platform.
  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products - Investments

    Commended - BNY Mellon, Wholesale Margin Segregation

    BNY Mellon is a global investments company dedicated to helping its clients manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle. Market and regulatory changes, driving new collateral need and requirements for clients engaging in various financial transactions such as derivatives, led BNY Mellon to develop Wholesale Margin Segregation. This product provides a unique, automated solution with dynamic system capabilities, such as eligibility screening and predetermination of the use of margin to meet calls. This assist clients in posting the right collateral in accordance with new regulation, providing an efficient way to meet varying collateral needs and minimise exposure to the market through the counterparty.

  • Best payments initiative

    Winner - The KlickEx Group, Interbank High-Frequency Community Payment System

    KlickEx joins mobile banking to high street banking, and brings the communities of the South Pacific together. Over the past two years, KlickEx has extended the inter-bank payment systems of 2011, and integrated it with infrastructure purpose-built to form the region's biggest international mobile money network. It offers a gateway to a widely available, Polynesian-style inter-bank clearing and settlement system, enabling trade in ultra-small 'exotic' currency pairs with unpredictable tradable volumes. KlickEx provides certainty and transparency with an approach that has created a unified, region-wide payments system. It is growing and overcoming the challenges associated with ultra-small volumes, high costs, and remittance-dependent indebted nations, helping to solve major problems.

  • Most effective back office initiative


    Winner - Aktif Bank - UPT® (Universal Payment Transfer®) Back Office Project

    UPT® is Turkey’s first electronic money transfer system, allowing instant transfer from individuals or businesses, from banks to PTT offices at much lower rates than the interbank domestic rates. Transfers may be made in foreign currency, cash or via bank accounts to anywhere in the world. Aktif Bank’s infrastructure is based on a highly automated system, with IT architecture offering scale and flexibility to deal with transactions coming in from all channels.

  • Most effective cultural transformation or staff participation initiative


     Winner - Lloyds Banking Group, Telephone Banking – Join2Stay

    Recent mergers and the multi-brands of the Lloyds Banking Group have meant that several corporate cultures have come together. With this in mind, Telephone Banking turned its attention to delivering a new, combined, focused culture for all colleagues. Join2Stay is an engagement programme that provides leaders with the insight and tools to adopt and embed changes to process and behaviour that will drive the cultural shift and reduce attrition, particularly in the first year of employment. 

  • Most effective cultural transformation or staff participation initiative

    Commended - HSBC - The first major bank to launch apprenticeships in the UK

    HSBC took a thorough look at its entry-level appointments, recognising that not everyone wants to go to university, and also that the first point of contact is often in the branch or call centre. The need for skilled and highly professional staff led HSBC to respond to a government demand for financial services apprenticeships, and it has developed a programme designed to be inclusive and comprehensive, with a view to ongoing professional development. This trailblazing approach is now being shared with other banks

  • Best payments initiative

    Winner - First National Bank – eWallet Solutions: Breaking barriers and enhancing the solution

    High mobile phone penetration levels in South Africa, coupled with the needs of some 13 million unbanked- or under-banked consumers, led First National Bank to introduce eWallet – the first mobile wallet solution in South Africa. Consumers can send money to any South African mobile phone number without need for registration to be available immediately. Users do not have to enter a branch or use a specific network operator, and can partially use money in the wallet rather than withdrawing it all at once. The service has seen significant growth since its launch.

  • Innovation in customer propositions and product design - Financial services - Wholesale


    Winner - BNY Mellon – BNY Mellon Connect Client Portal

    As a result of a merger between BNY and Mellon Financial Corporation to form, BNY Mellon, the bank was faced with combining two organisations with a long history. Clients had relationships with either half of the merged bank but needed a seamless way of accessing the new entity’s products and services. The new client portal delivers an enhanced online experience to customers, maintaining the individual business lines, while emphasising a holistic BNY Mellon client user experience.



  • Innovation in customer propositions and product design - Payments

    Winner - Bank of Valletta – BOV Mobile

    BOV Mobile is a combined mobile payments and mobile banking app, launched in March 2012 – the first banking smartphone app to be launched in Malta. It is the result of a new and ground-breaking vision, strategy and product design process that has transformed the way the Bank of Valletta develops and implements engaging customer propositions. The bank has come up with a vision of expected customer experience, and entrenched it in nine customer-experience anchors, creating a ground-breaking payments offering, fully integrated with BOV’s internet banking services. 

  • Innovation in customer propositions and product design - Payments

    Commended - Barclays – Barclays Pingit for Corporates

    Pingit, Barclays’ mobile personal payments offering, has been extended to benefit corporate customers, by enhancing the product’s functionality. It provides corporate customers with an easy and convenient way to pay their bills, as an alternative to paying by cash, cheque or bank transfer, simply by using their mobile phone and a unique corporate identifier code. Much larger sums can be transferred than for personal customers, and the service is more cost-effective and efficient than manual or paper-based processes. Payments appear in real time on the corporate client’s statements.

  • Innovation in customer propositions and product design - Financial services - Retail


     Winner - Nationwide Building Society – The Nationwide Annuity Service

    As people move into retirement, they seek to turn their pension into the best possible retirement income. Yet this process can be fraught with difficulties and a lack of helpful advice. This year, Nationwide began the crusade to change the annuity market and to make pensioners better off in their retirement with the launch of a new annuity service. This unique high street service seeks to tackle these issues, making shopping around for an annuity (or an enhanced annuity) a quick and easy process.

  • Innovation in customer propositions and product design - Financial services - Retail

    Commended - RateSetter – The RateSetter Provision Fund

    RateSetter is a peer-to-peer savings and loan platform, using pioneering technology to minimise risk to a level that the everyday consumer saver is happy to accept. This is called the Provision Fund, a capital pot which exists to iron out the problems of bad debt. This means that risk is spread across all lenders and they are supported by capital protection that is not available elsewhere. This innovative action has led to significant growth for the business.

  • Excellence in customer experience

    Winner - Halifax Bancassurance Telephony – Halifax Bancassurance Customer Hub

    As the UK’s leading bank assurer and savings bank, Halifax faced a challenge: to offer a streamlined, clear and understandable product and service offering across its different product ranges and delivery channels. A series of disjointed operations that had been introduced over time were brought together and simplified, with better trained operatives able to meet the needs of customers, easier access to the right kind of help, and a more efficient appointment booking system – all of which have received positive feedback from customers.
  • Innovation in supporting enterprise

    Winner - NatWest part of RBS Group – Start Up Surgeries, Mobile Business School and Business Academy

    One of RBS’ key sustainability strands is to provide enterprise education to people across various communities who have an interest in entrepreneurship. NatWest has created a user-friendly programme of dialogue with people exploring starting out in business, including face-to-face advice away from the branch, a double-decker bus fitted out as a mobile business school, hosting workshops and providing expert advice, all of which have received excellent feedback.

  • Technology vendors - Most innovative financial services solution

    Winners - Dovetail – Dovetail Liquidity Dashboard

    Dovetail is a provider of wholesale payment solutions to the financial services industry. The Dovetail Liquidity Dashboard provides banks the capability to capture, match and process all cash flow events, capture full transaction level detail from upstream systems, handle the complex integration requirements, scale to significant transactions volumes all through a real-time user configurable dashboard. Banks use the resulting data with internal departments, external customers and in discussions with multiple regulators.

  • Excellence in regulation, risk and compliance


    Winner - UK General Insurance Group – Project Wow

    Faced with a mass of regulation and a number of different business sites in different geographical locations, UK General has embedded the need for compliance awareness and participation throughout the business through a three-pronged, top-down, strategic approach called ‘Watching the Outside World’ – shortened to ‘Project Wow’.

  • Excellence in regulation, risk and compliance

    Commended - Aktif Bank - Personal Credit Fraud Application Prevention System (BKSOS)

    Aktif Bank has built an innovative and relevant in-house credit application management system, taking into account the particularities of its structure, using the Turkish post offices (PTT) and other third-party outlets instead of a branch network. The system is ahead of many of its competitors, allowing it to grow its consumer credit portfolio while having regard to the inherent risks of lending.
  • Innovation in marketing and communications


    Winner - American Express – Small Business Saturday

    In 2010, American Express created Small Business Saturday, a new shopping day right after Black Friday, to help small businesses get what they needed most: more customers. And it was huge, with millions of people shopping locally. The goal for 2011 was clear: to make Small Business Saturday more than just a one-off and to cement its place as an official shopping day during the holiday season. Public commitment and political backing has built momentum in all 50 US states with impressive results. 

  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products - Personal finance


    Winner - Barclays Digital Banking – Barclays Pingit

    Barclays has continued its pioneering initiatives in the transactions arena, with its Pingit offering – the first bank in the UK to launch person-to-person mobile payments. Anyone with a smartphone and a UK bank account can make and receive payments, whether or not they are Barclays customers, via a simple, easy-to-use app. Pingit forms part of Barclays’ commitment to giving customers choice about how they manage their money, and provides an additional choice in the multi-channel mix.

  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products - Other


    Winner - Aldermore Bank – Project Acumen, Aldermore Commercial Mortgages

    Aldermore has worked hard to dispel the myth that commercial mortgages are too complex to be digitised, in developing its Acumen system – the UK’s very first commercial mortgage application portal for brokers. Acumen is designed to be intelligent and flexible enough to deal with online applications for commercial mortgages, from business origination to mortgage redemption. A broker can obtain commercial mortgage heads of terms online from anywhere, and receive an electronic decision, allowing them to proceed with the next stage of the application.

  • Innovation in sustainability and social responsibility


    Winner - HSBC – Work experience for 14–18 year olds: CSR meets Business Need

    Concerns over youth unemployment have led HSBC to focus on the creation of a structured programme of work experience, linked to its recruitment policy. This aims to offer constructive work experience, by allowing young people to see whether they would like to follow a career in finance and linking into further opportunities for apprenticeships or post-university. Socially inclusive, it also embraces opportunities for existing staff to get engaged in the process of developing young people.

  • Innovation in sustainability and social responsibility

    Commended - The Co-operative Banking Group – The Ethical Plan 2012 'Setting New Sights'

    The UK’s ‘super mutual’ has long been committed to sustainable and ethical business, and in 2012 committed to an extension of these responsibilities over a new business cycle. In practice, this means placing pension funds in responsible investments, dedicating ten per cent of profits to community initiatives tackling UK poverty, improving financial literacy, funding microfinance initiatives overseas, and allocating significant resources to investing in the community-owned renewable energy sector.
  • Most innovative application of technology - Mobile banking

    Winner - Barclays Digital Banking – Barclays Pingit

    This year, Barclays became the first bank in the UK to launch a peer-to-peer mobile payment service. The Barclays Pingit mobile app allows anyone with a UK bank account and a smartphone to send and receive cash using their mobile phone. Apps are available for smartphones, but as long as a phone can receive texts, a person can receive mobile payments via Pingit by registering at a Barclays ATM. It has robust security features and a guarantee against fraud.

  • Most innovative application of technology - Financial services

    Winner - Equiniti – ESP Portal – SIP Real Time Dealing

    Company share plans are a great employee benefit and are recognised as a valuable tool for encouraging employee engagement and long-term workforce stability. The ESP Share Portal resolves much of the complexity involved and makes accessibility and appeal far greater using an online framework. Employees can therefore find out about the status of their shares, sell them, and highlight any tax issues around the sale of shares in a jargon-free environment.


  • Innovation in corporate social responsibility

    Winner - Aviva - Street to School
  • Innovation in sustainability

    Winner - The Co-operative Financial Services - Ethical Operating Plan
  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products - Financial services

    Winner - Aktif Banks - Aktif Online

  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products - Multichannel and mobile banking

    Winner - Bank Hapoalim - Poalim Connect
  • Innovation in the Delivery of Financial Products - Multichannel and Mobile Banking

    Commended - First National Bank - FNB eWallet
  • Excellence in customer service - Customer facing

    Winner - MORE TH>N - MORE TH>N Personal Claims Handler
  • Excellence in customer service - Strategy and process

    Winner - Nationwide Building Society - Nationwide/Nunwood Service Tracker
  • Excellence in Customer Service - Strategy and Process

    Commended - Travelex Global Business Payments - Every Customer Counts Programme
  • Innovation in marketing and communications

    Winner - HSBC Bank International - Expat Explorer Interactive
  • Innovation in product design - Financial products

    Winner - BM Savings - Inflation Rate Bond
  • Innovation in product design - Financial services

    Winner - Barclays Clearlybusiness - MyBusinessWorks
  • Most promising initiative - Financial advice

    Winner - Lloyds Banking Group - Retail Distribution Review
  • Most Promising Initiative - Financial Advice

    Commended - Competent Adviser - RDR Online Study Support Programme
  • Most effective back office initiative

    Winner - HSBC - OneHSBC Cards Programme
  • Excellence in governance, risk and compliance

    Winner - HSBC - Winning Trust
  • Most innovative application of technology - Customer facing functionality

    Winner - Bankinter - Mobile Brokerage Application with Iris Recognition
  • Most innovative application of technology - Business process

    Winner - Black Horse Finance - Contact Strategy
  • Best payments initiative

    Winner - KlickEx - Multi-Currency Network Service
  • Best Payments Initiative

    Commended - Barclaycard and Orange - UK's First Contactless Mobile Phone
  • Technology vendors - Most innovative financial services solution

    Winner - ACI Worldwide - Base24-eps
  • Excellence in business relationship management

    Winner - Five Talents UK - Mama Bahati Foundation
  • Innovation in information provision

    Winner - Data Explorers - Data Explorers News
  • Excellence in SME customer service

    Winner - Akbank - SME Loan for Small Businesses
  • Innovation in staff participation

    Winner - HSBC - Winning Trust
  • Most effective cultural transformation

    Winner - Lloyds Banking Group - Telephone Banking Sales
  • Social responsibility & community banking

    Charity Bank
  • Innovation in social enterprise

    London Borough of Lewisham - Prepaid Cards
  • Innovation that contributes to the enviromentally acceptable policies and actions

    Standard Life - Shareholder Communications
  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products: Mobile and internet banking

    Barclaycard - mybarclaycard
  • Innovation in the delivery of financial products: Banking services

    Akbank - Credit Card - Instant Limit Increas
  • Excellence in customer service

    Ageas & Age UK - Insurance Customer Service
  • Excellence in customer communication

    HSBC Holdings Ltd - 2009 Future of Retirement
  • Innovation in product design

    MetLife - Capital and Income Guarantees
  • Innovation in product design: Business banking

    Royal Bank of Scotland - Manufacturing Fund
  • Innovation in supporting customer decision-making

    Barclays Bank - CDD Online
  • Excellence in change management

    Hermes Fund Managers - Genesis Programme
  • Transforming performance or customer service through technology: Mobils and internet

    Barclays Digital - Mobile Banking
  • Transforming performance or customer service through technology: Financial service

    Ageas UK - Glass's Value Assesor
  • Excellence in risk and management control

    Bankinter - RAR and Variable Renumeration
  • Innovation in staff participation

    Aviva - Aviva Customer Cup
  • Innovation in staff development

    Lloyds Banking Group - Experienced Managers Programme
  • Excellence in SME customer service

    Turk Economy Bank - SME Acaemy