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Presented by The London Institute of Banking and Finance and UK Finance

Hear our judges discuss this year’s entries and how innovation continues to shine in the banking and finance industry.

The judging panel combines extensive academic knowledge and industry expertise with many years experience in the fields of financial services, insurance and technology. Many of the judges have been involved in projects very similar to those that have been nominated for awards and have experienced the hours of hard work, and the highs and the lows that such undertakings entail. They therefore bring a wealth of relevant skills and knowledge to the judging panel.

Click on the judge's name for more information.

Chair of the Judges: 
  • Paul Lynam, Chief Executive Officer, Secure Trust Bank

Judges Co-ordinator:
  • Alison Thomas Steer, Freelance Writer

Judging Panel: 
  • Dan Crisp, Director, Technology & Digital UK Finance

  • Professor James Devlin, Dean, Nottingham University Business School

  • Mark Sismey-Durrant, Portfolio Non Executive Director (Banking)

  • Graham Flower, CEO, Intelligence Delivered

  • Alexandra Frean, Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications, Starling Bank

  • Jane Fuller, Co-director, Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation

  • Dr Peter Hahn, Dean, Henry Grunfeld Professor of Banking, The London Institute of Banking & Finance

  • Professor Tina Harrison, University of Edinburgh Business School

  • Renier Lemmens,Visiting Professor of Fintech and Innovation and Senior Advisor on Digital Education, The London Institute of Banking & Finance

  • Gregoire Michel, Fintech Lead, Tech Nation

  • Helene Panzarino, Managing Director, SBC Colab

  • Christophe Petetin, Chief Investment Officer, UFP Fintech

  • Professor Nigel Waite, Chief Executive, Nigel Waite Consulting