How to Enter

There are five simple steps to nominate for the Awards.

  • Choose the category  you would like to enter.
  • Read our nomination and judging criteria below.
  • Make sure to read our top tips.
  • Submit your entry by filling out the form, answering each question.
  • Pay online with a debit/credit card or via bank transfer. 

Who can enter?

Entry is open to any organisation worldwide that has implemented an innovative project, service or initiative within the banking and financial services sectors. Nominations may be from within the financial services organisation, from a technology vendor or from a third party such as a PR agency, with the permission of the named financial institution.

Eligibility period

Any new or significantly improved project since January 2018 (except for the Most promising financial start-up category).

Nomination fees

  • Early entry deadline (Wednesday 24 July 2019) – £90.00 plus VAT per nomination.
  • Late entry deadline (Wednesday 7 August 2019) – £110.00 plus VAT per nomination.

For the Most promising financial start-up category only: 

  • Early entry deadline (Wednesday 24 July 2019) – £45.00 plus VAT per nomination.
  • Late entry deadline (Wednesday 7 August 2019) – £65.00 plus VAT per nomination.

We offer a charity discount on all categories excluding the Most promising financial start-up. For more information, please call the Events team on +44 (0)20 7337 6286 with your registered charity number.

Nomination criteria

Submit your entry by filling in the entry form via the Award categories page, answering each question in the judging criteria. Use as much evidence and data as you can to support your entry. Hyperlinks may be used but will only be viewed at the judges' discretion.

There is a 700 words limit per question. You can include graphics and appendices by uploading a file with your entry. 

Judging criteria 

For each category (except for Best technology partnerships, Customer service/Service Team of the Year and Change Team of the Year), please answer the following questions:

1. Describe your nominated project in the context of your business area and the award category. (30 marks)

2. Outline the ways in which your project is innovative with reference to your previous activities and industry norms. (30 marks)

3. Provide a detailed account of the impact of the project on your business and all stakeholders, and provide evidence of the measurable benefits and impacts of the project. (40 marks)

For the Best technology partnerships category, please answer the following questions:

1. Describe your nominated project in the context of your customer or customers' business area and the award category. Summarise how it was designed, implemented and its effectiveness as part of their wider business activities. (30 marks) 

2. Summarise the ways in which this project is innovative. (30 marks)

3. Provide a detailed account of the impact of the project/system on the customer’s business and its stakeholders, including their own customers. (40 marks) 

For the Customer service/Service team of the year and the Change team of the year categories, please answer the following questions:

1. Introduce your team and its role within the wider context of your business and the developments that have led to the success of your team. (30 marks)

2. How is the project innovative, either within your organisation or the wider marketplace? (30 marks)

3. What has been the impact of the team’s work? What measurable benefits have emerged from the successful operation of the team within the wider business? (40 marks) 

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Top tips

Here are our top tips for writing a winning nomination and maximising your chances of being shortlisted.

Writing up against a deadline leads to rushing and compromise. Give yourself the chance to submit your best possible entry.

Look carefully to see which category is most relevant to your product or project.

Make sure you adhere to the nomination criteria and use the four pages wisely.

They carry different mark values. Failure to maximise each section is the most common reason for receiving low marks. The judges cannot award marks if you don’t provide the relevant material.

Provide targeted responses that get to the heart of the question.

These awards are all about innovation – what have you done differently from others? Is it an industry, business or company first? Be clear how it has impacted your organisation, how has it made things better?

You have four A4 pages (allowing for the required margins and typeface) to provide as much detail as possible. Include tables, graphs, diagrams or photographs to send your message in the most impactful way. Use them well and do proofread your entry carefully to reinforce the professionalism of your organisation.

Avoid over-technical language, unexplained acronyms or text that makes your entry vague or imprecise. Specific facts and figures make things easy to understand.

Please use financial data wherever possible (percentages, rations, graphic images, ROI etc.), as well as other statistics to show how your project has bought added value, profits, customer satisfaction improvements, productivity increases or any other benefit relevant to the award category to your customer(s).

All information is confidential so you can be assured that anything you provide will stay within the confines of The London Institute of Banking & Finance and the judges (who sign a confidentiality agreement). 

Read our case study written by our judging coordinator, for an example nomination to ensure you answer the three questions correctly and thoroughly.

If you have received press reviews or awards, for example, that give independent feedback about your product or initiative, please provide links or quotations. Do not send in any hardcopy promotional material as we are unable to distribute it to the judges.

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