Previous Winners

Innovation in product or service design - savings & investments – Winner

Vision Independent Financial Planning - Castle Investment Solution Investment Portal

As a business with TCF at its core, Vision has launched an in-house investment portal which completes the complex due diligence required of discretionary fund managers on behalf of their appointed representative firms free of charge, saving them time and eliminating duplicated work. Castle Investment Solutions operates completely separately from the advisory business to offer research, due diligence and operational support as well as many other advisor benefits to its network.

Innovation in product or service design - payments – Winner

ipagoo - Real-time Payments API for Agency Banking

As only the second non-bank member of the UK Faster Payments Scheme, ipagoo is providing a new level of service to its agency banks, allowing them to make a real-time payment from their account to another account in the UK. Ipagoo’s approach was to innovate in people, process, technology and partnerships to deliver a total solution using Agile teams to build the Faster Payments engine in less than 60 days.

Innovation in product or service design - payments - Highly commended

Itaú Unibanco - Itaú Keyboard

Itaú Unibanco has reinforced its current positioning as an innovative and people-centric bank with its pioneering Itaú Keyboard service, which allows customers to transfer money without opening the Itaú App. It allows the customer to simply switch to the Bank keyboard from within any app that uses a native smartphone keyboard, such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook Messenger etc. and proceed with a secure money transfer without having to leave that app.

Innovation in product or service design - business & corporate – Winner

Santander Corporate Bank - Corporate Digital Onboarding

Santander and its partners have introduced a fully automated SME and corporate customer onboarding experience, using consolidated dynamic form functionality covering a wide range of banking products, combined with APIs so that due diligence can be completed accurately, first time and in one go. It includes KYB and KYC screening processes prior to initiating customer-facing onboarding activities. It eliminates duplication and includes a counter-signing process believed to be a UK first.

Innovation in the delivery of financial products – Winner

Habito - A different breed of Mortgage Broker

Recognising that the average person finds mortgages confusing and complicated, Habito built a start-up, online mortgage broker business committed to clear communication and designed for the 21st century. Its custom-built sourcing platform uses an algorithm to recommend the best deal for the customer in real time, across all lenders and products, without human bias. It also introduced the world’s first digital mortgage adviser, an AI chatbot that allows consumers to discuss their mortgage needs from any connected device.

Innovation in the delivery of financial products - Highly commended

Property Master - UK’s first consumer digital access to accurate buy-to-let mortgage sourcing

In 2017, Property Master launched disruptive digital algorithm technology that offers massive convenience and accuracy benefits in mortgage sourcing to buy-to-let landlords. A unique and extensive proprietary database identifies the best mortgage available based on individual circumstances and offers a fast and fully online solution, saving time and money for users. Backed by a service team who are fully qualified in the complex buy-to-let market, the system allows users to apply with a single click.

Innovation in supporting business or enterprise – Winner

Sberbank of Russia - Counterparty Check Service in Sberbank Business Online

Sberbank identified a customer need for instantly gathering information about potential customers in order to evaluate counterparty risk. By integrating it into their web-banking solution, the unique service gathers information from official sources about legal entities and presents it in a user-friendly format which allows drill-down into deeper layers of detail before agreeing to a business association. The customer can see the risk status and is automatically offered an escrow service where appropriate for more risky customers.

Best mobile banking – Winner

Barclays UK - Barclays Mobile Banking

The Barclays mobile banking app has been redesigned to increase customer engagement by transforming customer journeys through multiple industry-first experiences, providing a rich bespoke digital feature set and integrating a human touch from colleagues. Features such as temporary card freeze, and the ability to amend regular payments with visual confirmation add value to the customer experience, while the bank benefits through the deepening of customer relationships.

Best payments initiative – Winner

Santander – One Pay FX

Noticing that the traditional means of sending international payments was ripe for disruption, Santander responded with One Pay FX which delivers a significant decrease in the time it takes a beneficiary to receive funds, with a transparency that allows the sender to know the exact cost of sending the payment and the exact amount the beneficiary will receive. Santander became the first bank to simultaneously roll out this block-chain-based service to retail customers in multiple countries.

Best payments initiative - Highly commended

TransferMate Global Payments –Global Receivables

TransferMate, the world’s leading cross-border B2B payments provider, announced the
launch of Global Receivables earlier this year, a new solution for businesses to bill and
collect overseas payments from thousands of customers in seconds, tracking the full
payment life-cycle on one platform. This automated solution helps those businesses
with high volumes of receivables in different currencies to streamline their processes,
offering transparent, secure, same-day transfers, billable in domestic or client currency
and improving cash flow.

Innovation in marketing and communications – Winner

Barclays Corporate Banking – A dog’s tale

With a smaller budget than its competitors, Barclays has developed a campaign
that has cut through the congested sector advertising. They used client stories to
demonstrate how they support clients in a human way, including a very cute puppy
video highlighting Guide Dogs for the Blind, a corporate customer. This successful,
highly targeted, 100% digital campaign was delivered through premium real-estate for
positive brand association and cost-effective network buys to deliver extensive reach,
using an innovative ‘test and learn’ cycle.

Excellence in customer experience – Winner

Israel Discount Bank - In-app Triple Layered Service

Addressing the need among banks to balance the digital and the human, Discount Bank developed an in-app banking experience based on a triple-layered service, combining Artificial Intelligence with human bankers. From push insights based on analysis of a user’s recent banking activity, to a free-speech chatbot to assist users, the third layer offers an IM chat with a banker for resolving more complex questions. This unique combination offers an excellent digital customer service at the customer’s convenience.

Excellence in customer experience - Highly commended

Santander Corporate Bank - Corporate Digital Onboarding

Santander introduced an innovative, streamlined digital process for onboarding SME and corporate customers. Instead of a slow and cumbersome manual process involving multiple forms and signatures, they have created a secure system which fulfils all the regulatory demands around money-laundering, KYB and KYC. It concludes due diligence efficiently before customers complete the single, merged, de-duplicated, dynamic and multifunctional form that supports smooth onboarding and a greatly improved customer experience.

Service team of the year – Winner

Barclays Corporate Banking – Specialist Support Managers

The SSM role is a brand new role within Barclays and was created in response to client
feedback concerning digital adoption and cyber security. Designed to be a face-to-face
role, each SSM received in-depth training which not only helps them to assist clients in
assessing business risk but also to share knowledge and best practice with colleagues
and clients alike. Many clients have been able to prevent fraud attempts as a result of
their increased awareness.

Best customer-focused cultural transformation or staff participation initiative – Winner

Nationwide Building Society - Colleagues Discover Mobile

With a goal of helping more of its members to use mobile banking functionality to its fullest potential, Nationwide realised that simply delivering an app would not drive mass usage. So they invested heavily in a gamified training methodology called Discover Mobile to ensure that all colleagues are digitally fluent. A second in-branch platform allows colleagues to demonstrate the core features of the app, helping members to manage their money better as well as experience an excellent, supportive customer service.

Best customer-focused cultural transformation or staff participation initiative - Highly commended

Moody’s Analytics - a Customer-Focused Team

In 2015, Moody’s Analytics Customer Service set the department’s mission statement and strategic direction: to deliver innovative customer-focused solutions through a talented and empowered workforce. For the past three years, this strategy has been rolled out and honed within Customer Service through the D.R.I.V.E. acronym’s guiding principles, leading to better employee engagement within this award-winning department through shared purpose and values. Innovative initiatives have put people management first, with a view to inspire teams to deliver a superior customer experience.

Innovation in data and its application – Winner

Elliptic - Elliptic’s proprietary anti-money laundering software

With cybercrime on the rise, Elliptic has developed a unique proprietary dataset that powers two distinct software products; one to enable compliance transaction monitoring on cryptocurrency transactions in order to help financial institutions meet anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terror financing (CTF) compliance obligations and the other to enable the forensic investigation of cryptocurrency transaction flows, helping to identify who is behind a spectrum of cybercriminal activity.

Innovation in sustainability or social responsibility – Winner

Azuri Technologies – Azuri Quad

The expansion of digital finance systems in the developing world has altered financial context and enabled new business models that rely on small, regular payments. This change in digital payment structures is the reason Azuri pioneered the integration of mobile money payments with innovative solar technology. Azuri’s innovation is to leverage the mobile phone network as a means of affordable, clean energy provision, opening the opportunity for financial inclusion to millions of people.

Best financial inclusion or outreach initiative – Winner

X-Forces Enterprise CIC & NatWest - Empowering UK Military Widows with Enterprise

In the UK, military widows receive a significant amount of support to rebuild their lives following bereavement but the guidance on business or for self-employment was very limited. What was needed was combined and amalgamated support for this community, reaching each military association equally. This is where XFE and NatWest could help. By creating a regional programme of formal and post-classroom enterprise training, individuals are brought together in a support network that builds a stronger community within a community.

Best technology initiative - business transformation – Winner

Albaraka Turk - Albaraka RPA Project

Albaraka Turk has introduced an innovative robot application class in a layer between business processes and employees in order to improve customer service. Taking up no space, they can use all interfaces and do anything a human user does with a keyboard and mouse. Robots can undertake mundane tasks much faster and more accurately than humans, leaving the staff to work on more motivating and complex tasks.

Technology vendors - best financial services solution - mobile banking & payments – Winner

Fiserv - European Instant First with a Market Solution

Fiserv is enabling the shift to real-time payments for banks with a presence in a total of nine European countries. Dovetail Instant Payment solution from Fiserv was the first to be tested and confirmed ready for SCT Inst. Fiserv technology is supporting multiple ‘wave one’ banks for EBA RT1, the first pan-European clearing platform for real-time payments in Euros. The Dovetail payment solution offers unmatched support for real-time clearings 24/7/365 via its cost-effective platform with instant payments capability.

Technology vendors - best financial services solution - processes and propositions – Winner

Elliptic - Elliptic’s proprietary anti-money laundering software

With cybercrime on the rise, including the illicit activity surrounding cryptocurrencies, Elliptic’s founders have developed a vertically-integrated cybercrime analytics platform, and creating a unique dataset that powers two distinct software products, : one to enable compliance transaction monitoring on cryptocurrency transactions, and one to enable the forensic investigation of cryptocurrency transaction flows. This is the world’s first software product focused on providing investigators with the ability to trace and de-anonymise cryptocurrency payments.

Technology vendors - best financial services solution - processes and propositions - Highly commended

Sensibill - Sensibill Receipts

Sensibill Receipts is a native, white-labelled iOS and Android solution that allows banking customers to capture photos of paper receipts using their smartphone camera or forward email receipts to the service. It is fully searchable and can be exported into other software. The smart solution uses AI to pick up 150+ types of receipt data offering unparalleled insights which can help banks to achieve broader business goals such as digital engagement, personalisation or cross-selling.

Best technology initiative - customer-facing solutions – Winner

Albaraka Turk - Albaraka Biometric Signature Project

‘DigitAlbaraka’ is the digitalisation transformation project at Albaraka Turk. Dedicated to excellent customer service, one of its facets is the implementation of biometric signature technology which uses a complex algorithm to record a customer signature made on a tablet with a digital pen and turns it into a secure, unchangeable .pdf file containing all the biometric parameters to create a signature template which is almost impossible to fake in any future customer transactions and meets all legal requirements for digital documents.

Best technology initiative - customer-facing solutions - Highly commended

Amplify – AmplifyME

Amplify aims to revolutionise education in the finance sector through the use of technology. Its simulation technology gives students a variety of real-world experiences across the industry and helps them to learn by doing. From the simulations, Amplify builds a user profile based on technical and soft skills, allowing candidates to understand their strengths and helping recruiters to identify talent matched to specific roles. It has been adopted by many global companies as part of their recruitment process.

Best FinTech partnership – Winner

first direct & Bud Financial – artha by first direct

artha by first direct is a new, standalone money management app which tests the concept of a bank as a service provider. Offering consumers access to Marketplace Banking, and powered by FinTech Bud Financial’s platform, artha is an integrated offering designed to give people an easy way to keep track of their finances all in one place, while offering a range of financial and non-financial products and services from across the market, including third parties where appropriate.

Open Banking – Winner

Token - Open Banking with Token

Token is a platform that allows a global ecosystem of bank customer and developers to move money and information securely, at a low cost, without friction, instantly and across the globe. Token is the only open banking solution that covers the entire value chain, using a single API for both payments and data, with cloud-based Smart Token technology that enables flexibility and scalability in handling transactions using a unique security model, dramatically improving the end user’s payment experience.

Best financial start-up – Winner

GoSimple Software – GoSimpleTax

Established in 2013, GoSimple Software provides an innovative solution to the filing of Self-Assessment tax returns from any device. It is specifically designed for ordinary taxpayers to manage their taxes in an easy to understand way that ensures smooth transition to the HMRC Making Tax Digital regime. AI built into the product provides hints, tips and prompts based on previous years to assist users to pay the right amount of tax while ensuring no allowances are missed

Best Financial Inclusion or Outreach Initiative - Highly Commended

FINLIT Nepal - Community Based Financial Education cum Community Bank

In Nepal, many people are lacking financial knowledge and literacy, and consequently are unable to access financial services. FINLIT Nepal is a market leader that addresses the financial inclusion of people and is the first to bring stakeholders nationally together around the issue of financial inclusion. This initiative aims to reshape the future of finance through expanding secure, structured and low-cost access to formal banking channels, particularly for the young, the marginalised and rural populations.

Best Financial Inclusion or Outreach Initiative

Lloyds Banking Group - Lloyds Bank partnership with Signly

In a sector first, LBG has introduced the innovative and unique Signly technology, providing the opportunity to improve financial capability and ensure that their customers receive and understand the information they need. Using the Signly app, deaf or hearing-impaired customers can scan Signly-enabled written materials on their mobile device. This provides translations into BSL through augmented reality, with someone signing the content on a customer’s smartphone.

Innovation in Sustainability or Social Responsibility - Highly Commended

Barclays Bank – Barclays Eagle Labs

Barclays Eagle Labs are a community resource – a space offering digital empowerment for everyone. They encourage sustainable businesses and build partnerships with charities, non-profit organisations and educational initiatives, such as e-NABLE and UnLimbited  who benefit from the rapid proto-typing equipment available at the Eagle Lab to 3D-print prosthetic arms; the Jubilee Sailing Trust, and Fire Tech Camp, the UK’s leading provider of tech education for people aged 9-17.

Innovation in Sustainability or Social Responsibility

Investec - Innovation to Arrival Education partnership, in the form of Invest for Success programme, 2016-17

Investec’s social responsibility initiatives focus on education and entrepreneurship, empowering people to transform their lives and communities. They work in dedicated partnerships with local community organisations. Based on identified need, the bespoke ‘Invest for Success’ programme is a unique initiative in the UK, targeting excluded community groups and providing a special opportunity for volunteers from the Wealth and Investment business to use their work-related skills to significantly impact students over a six-month period.

Best Technology Initiative - partnered by

ezbob – ezbob digital end-to-end lending platform

The ezob digital end-to-end lending platform is a radical, ground-breaking, multiple financial product, straight through processing (STP) system that enables banks to offer a state-of-the-art, seamless lending solution to their SME and retail customers. It is a white-label, fully-integrated solution using real-time data, that handles all aspects of the lending process (including using electronic signatures) to make flexible loan offers on an enhanced digital platform, quickly and efficiently.

Technology Vendors - Best Insurance, Investments and Pensions Solution - partnered by

Dorsum Co. Ltd. – Wealth Management Platform

This platform is an innovative front-to-mid solution that provides all essential functionality for investment service providers to evaluate, analyse and calculate portfolio yields as well as covering the range of advisory and brokerage services and offering the highest standards of user experience. It is designed for wealth managers who are seeking a solution that links to existing legacy systems to provide an efficient advisory network with strong customer engagement and regulatory compliance.

Technology Vendors - Best Financial Services Solution - partnered by

Maximise IT Solutions – DARA SmartFlow – Intelligent Automation that transforms complex processes into simple tasks

This project involves harnessing the power of intelligent automation to work on complex complaints, and is believed to be unique in the world of Robotic Process Automation.

Working with a UK Retail Bank, they introduced their automated, intelligent SmartFlow system to help meet regulatory service levels demanded for complex complaints, uniting the dispersed data from 26 different systems, reducing handling time, improving accuracy and quality and saving millions of pounds.

Best FinTech Partnership - partnered by

GFT and Deutsche Bank – dbPalace

When Deutsche Bank (DB) announced it was to invite tenders for a major platform overhaul, GFT challenged DB’s senior leaders to adopt a new approach. Together, they unveiled an ambitious strategy, designed to become simpler & more efficient, modernising outdated technology & reducing risk, by introducing a single strategic global platform, using a dynamic and agile IT function in order to react quickly to client and market demands.

Best Payment Initiative

Pure Software Pte – Arttha Digital Payments Platform

Arttha is a pioneering cloud-based financial inclusion technology platform enabling 180 of Nepal’s cooperative banks to offer innovative digital services to customers, including ATM-based money transfers, bill payments, merchant payments, P2P transfers, cardless ATM withdrawals and a mobile internet/SMS toggle capability for when reception is poor. Available in the local language, the project has had a far-reaching, positive impact on the lives of people and their businesses, as well as the banks involved.

Best Mobile Banking

Barclays Bank - Business Instant Lending on Mobile

In November 2016, Barclays became the first UK Bank to be able to lend to businesses with an end-to-end customer journey on a mobile phone. The App2Web delivery has leveraged a previous ‘first’ for Barclays in providing the capability to lend to businesses via the online channel. This unique and complex solution is wrapped in a native Barclays Mobile Banking shell, offering a slick seamless UI experience for the customer.

Innovation in Product Design

First National Bank South Africa - FNB Branded Smartphones: Enabling Digital Banking

Wanting to extend the reach of digital migration, FNB developed an innovative product to reach those previously unable to afford smartphones on which to conduct digital banking transactions. By integrating it into a rewards programme, incentivising saving towards a deposit and packaging up the Android handset in a cost-effective way (already loaded with the FNB Banking App), FNB aim to satisfy customer needs and promote brand recognition.

Innovation in Service Design - Highly Commended

Banco Itaú Unibanco SA – Itaú as a digital inclusion enabler

Significant investment in digital channels means that c.75% of customers bank this way with Itaú. Recognising that they could be first movers into the low income segment and gain advantage, market share and contribute to digital inclusion, they invested in a range of initiatives aimed to expand financial literacy and inclusion for unbanked and low income Brazilians. This includes Itaú Light, the first App targeted specifically at the low income customer.

Innovation in Service Design – Car Finance Comparison car finance is the only UK online non-advisory car finance comparison service on the market. It enables drivers to compare personal loans and hire purchase options side-by-side – making it easy to identify the best deals available across multiple finance options, including monthly payment costs, APR plus the total loan repayment at quotation stage, so that they can make a fully informed decision without having to undergo a hard credit check.

Innovation in the Delivery of Financial Products

Sberbank of Russia–Sberbank Markets - electronic trading platform for corporate customers and financial institutions

Sberbank Markets is an electronic trading platform which gives Sberbank clients quick access to FX products while electronically managing risks and liquidity. Its implementation followed their first ever commercial contract with a UK-based company to supply hosting infrastructure for eFX architecture, and platform delivers aggregated, liquidity-adjusted pricing over connected channels. Fully integrated with central risk-management, and legally compliant, it offers customers a flexible, secure and automated way to manage FX requirements.

Innovation in Supporting Business and Enterprise - Products and Services

Evotor   - Evotor

The Evotor Smart Terminal is a compliant solution to changes in Russian Federal Law, requiring entrepreneurs to install online cash registers that automatically transmit data from register receipts directly to the Federal Tax Service. The user can connect peripherals to the terminal - card terminals, barcode scanners, scales etc. All these functions are rolled into one affordable, compact device, with the opportunity to download additional apps that assist with business administration.

Innovation in Supporting Business and Enterprise - Supporting/Assisting Growth and Development - Highly Commended

Barclays Bank - Barclays Eagle Labs

Eagle Labs are Barclays-branded and run spaces designed to encourage ‘shared growth’ – in the belief that when the communities in which they operate thrive, so does Barclays. Standing on three core pillars: accelerating UK business, enabling collaborative innovation and digital empowerment for everyone, Eagle Labs support local businesses. They harness Barclays’ history and expertise, and combine this with a creative working environment and access to the latest technologies.

Innovation in Supporting Business and Enterprise - Supporting/Assisting Growth and Development

Barclays – Rise

At Rise, Barclays co-creates new products, services and platforms with their startup partners. They partner with leading corporates, investors and industry experts across seven sites internationally. The aim is to build a community for the best minds in FinTech, to help accelerate growth, bring startups to market and help to create the future of financial services. The highly sought-after Barclays Accelerator, an intensive programme designed to accelerate start-ups, is now in its 4th year.

Best Financial Start-up - Highly Commended

Trussle - One year to a billion

Online mortgage broker, Trussle is using technology to automate mortgage expertise by streamlining difficult and time-consuming processes. Improving many of the pain-points faced by consumers as they navigate a traditionally complex mortgage journey, they have reduced the time taken, lengthy paperwork and meetings and jargon that frustrate consumers, and improved the customer journey by using simple processes and an algorithm that searches thousands of mortgage deals to find the most suitable option.

Best Financial Start-up

Habito - Launching the UK's Digital Mortgage Broker

With the goal of making mortgages simpler, faster and better, start-up Habito uses technology designed to deliver solutions that put consumer needs first. They are a 21st century digital mortgage broker, operating on a custom-built sourcing platform, using an algorithm that has no decision-making bias. High quality, fully-digitised mortgage decisions are made at speed and free of charge to the consumer, helping them make informed decisions and obtain the best deal on their mortgage.

Innovation in Marketing and Communications - Highly Commended

Lloyds Banking Group - Black Horse Personalised Videos

Black Horse offer finance agreements for vehicles through 7,000 dealers, but their name was not well known. To radically improve customer experience and capitalise on the positivity around getting a new car, Black Horse created their first, highly-personalised video delivered to each customer within hours of the sale. It was innovative in both execution and use of data, taking personalisation to a new level, and making each user experience unique while building brand awareness.

Innovation in Marketing and Communications

NatWest - Women in Business Campaign and Podcasts

NatWest is committed to helping more women start up and succeed in business. For the first time, the NatWest Entrepreneurship monitor was published with a gender lens identifying different drivers and behaviours between men and women in business and a plan was developed to reach out to women in a different way, including publicity, local events and a series of podcasts designed to engage and inform a new audience of busy women

Innovation in Data and its Application - Highly Commended

Sberbank – Tips in Sberbank Online

‘Tips’ from Sberbank analyses the user’s data (financial behaviour, including spending, savings and profile data) and draws conclusions, using a set of machine learning models, including experiments with neural networks. It combines the characteristics of a PFM service with digital assistance services, by offering personalised recommendations to customers based on algorithms which identify life scenarios as well as learning from customer feedback that allows it to target recommendations more precisely.

Innovation in Data and its Application

Ziraatbank – Using Geographical Information System for Selecting Branch Locations

Knowing that the selection of a branch location is critical for business success, Ziraatbank developed the first model in Turkey that optimises the branch location using both geospatial data and the bank's big data. Overcoming the challenge of turning unstructured data into meaningful data, they also use statistical models and a GIS decision-support system, which facilitates comparison of potential sites, reducing decision times and making the process more objective.

Excellence in Customer Experience

Lloyds Islands Community Bank – Removal of Sales Targets

Going against conventional sector wisdom that in order to be profitable and commercially viable you must prioritise the selling of products and thus incentivise your staff accordingly, LICB made the radical, innovative decision to remove sales targets and fundamentally alter business strategy to put the customer at the heart of what they are doing. Individual and team success is now measured on customer treatment and advocacy – focusing on delivering excellent customer service.

Best Customer-Focused Cultural Transformation or Staff Participation Initiative - Highly Commended

Albaraka Türk - Keşfet Intrapreneurship Program

The Keşfet Intrapreneurship Program adopts the approach of developing and realising creative and innovative ideas by employees in the company using an ‘intrapreneurial’ perspective and combines the concept of innovation with execution and implementation. Offering training, support and mentorship, the aim of the programme is to spread an innovation culture and the spirit of ‘intrapreneurship’ within the organisation, enabling staff to propose ideas, work like entrepreneurs, and collaborate across departmental lines to deliver successful projects.

Best Customer-Focused Cultural Transformation or Staff Participation Initiative

HSBC - HSBC's Digital Revolution

In order to transform the digital customer experience, HSBC initiated a programme to transform their culture into one that enables innovation to flourish and empowers colleagues to run with ideas that drive the digital shift. One aspect of the plan has brought together 3,000 talented colleagues from across functions to create HSBC Digital Solutions, based at a new FinTech hub, encouraging creativity and facilitating speedy and effective digital development.

Service Team of the Year - Highly Commended

Moody’s Analytics – D.R.I.V.E.-ing Innovation and Initiative

In 2015, Moody's Analytics Customer Service successfully launched project D.R.I.V.E, a global initiative defining the department’s mission statement and strategic direction, to deliver innovative, customer-focused solutions through a talented and empowered workforce. The Customer Service department embraces the company’s culture, which is based on coaching and the freedom of feedback as a way to improve individuals through continuous marginal gain, which optimises and drives efficiencies, while offering progression opportunities.

Service Team of the Year

Lloyds Banking Group – Delivering Brilliant Digital Service

The Digital Service team is shaping the future of LBG’s digital experience. Their three-year strategy to deliver world-class digital customer satisfaction created business units which use a sprint methodology to improve collaboration, energy and speed, whilst allowing headspace for innovation. They deliver outstanding service journeys and high impact projects, regularly and responsively. The new way of working has moved from creating a strong digital basics foundation to new propositions which deepen customer engagement

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